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  1. Slideshow
    First Look at Mary Queen of Scots, a Scottish-French Brasserie in the Old AllenThe blokes behind Highlands team up with an impressive roster of mixologists.
  2. Chef Shuffle
    Brandon Baltzley Leaves 6th Street Kitchen for AlineaHis replacement comes from Brown Café.
  3. Non-Openings
    Matt Shendell Squashes Rumors of ‘Frat House’ in Allen & DelanceyBut he’s still looking to open a restaurant “at the Spotted Pig/gastropub level.”
  4. Chef Shuffle
    Neil Ferguson Leaves Soho House for Solo GigThe onetime Allen & Delancey chef has another month at the meatpacking membership club.
  5. Openings
    Eddie Huang Thinks His Baohaus Customers Suck, Plans ‘Abrasive Vibe’Plus, Michael Huynh considers the Allen & Delancey space, and more Twitter drama.
  6. Closings
    Allen & Delancey Finally ClosesDid the state have something to do with it?
  7. Mediavore
    Soda Tax Probably Dead; A Wine Bar for Brooklyn Bridge ParkPlus: Continental charges for food, and no relief from the tomato shortage, all in our morning news roundup.
  8. Chef Shuffle
    Is Ryan Skeen Back in the Saddle?The short-lived Allen & Delancey chef is “working” again.
  9. Celebrity Settings
    Newly Single Sarandon Drinks Tequila; Simpson Sisters Dine TogetherPlus: Ryan Seacrest buys Champagne, Kiefer Sutherland and Jon Bon Jovi rock out at Lure Fishbar.
  10. Health Concerns
    At Bouley Market, ‘Conditions Conducive to Vermin Infestation’The restaurant was docked a whopping 80 points during a recent inspection.
  11. Chef Shuffle
    Ryan Skeen: Allen & Delancey Owner Is ‘Straight Lying’The star chef steps forward to talk about his recent dismissal.
  12. Chef Shuffle
    Allen & Delancey Owner: Skeen Didn’t Cook EnoughBudget issues also played a role in the chef’s departure.
  13. Chef Shuffle
    Ryan Skeen’s Entire Team Was Shown the Door at Allen & DelanceyMore on the star chef’s dismissal.
  14. Chef Shuffle
    Ryan Skeen Is Dismissed From Allen & DelanceyThe chef recently vented on Twitter.
  15. Personalities
    Joe Dobias and Ryan Skeen Bark Back at BloggersA couple of chefs are using Twitter to vent about the blogosphere.
  16. Chef Shuffle
    Ryan Skeen: ‘Get Me the F*ck Out of NYC’Is the honeymoon over at Allen & Delancey?
  17. The Other Critics
    Sutton Slams Aureole; Cheshes Falls for Ryan SkeenPlus: Pete Wells approves of the Standard Grill and Gael Greene finds a “sexy” bar in our weekly roundup of restaurant reviews.
  18. Photo Plates
    Allen & Delancey’s Menu, IllustratedSee nineteen of Ryan Skeen’s newest dishes. Plus, the chef tells us why he left Irving Mill.
  19. Financial Woes
    Allen & Delancey Owner on Bankruptcy Filing: ‘We Aren’t inRichard Friedberg says fall is looking good for the restaurant business.
  20. Financial Woes
    Allen & Delancey Files for BankruptcyCan new chef Ryan Skeen turn things around?
  21. Menu Changes
    What Will It Cost You to Eat at Ryan Skeen’s Allen & Delancey Tonight?A first look at the menu with prices.
  22. Menu Changes
    Ryan Skeen Debuts Menu at Allen & DelanceyIt’s “a little more intimate, a little more refined” than what he was doing at Irving Mill.
  23. Chef Shuffle
    Ryan Skeen CONFIRMED In at Allen & DelanceyThat’s the rumor, anyway.
  24. Chef Shuffle
    Pastry Chef Tiffany MacIsaac Is Also Out at Allen & DelanceyWho will be the next to serve “exceptional food in a seductive setting”?
  25. Chef Shuffle
    Kyle Bailey Leaves Allen & DelanceyThe latest chef departure at the troubled Lower East Sider.
  26. Trends
    When Did Bone Marrow Become a Menu Must?Has this formerly exotic dish become comfort food?
  27. Recession Is Your Friend
    How Much Longer Will Sorella’s Prix Fixe Tyranny Last?One thing is to offer a prix fixe, another thing is to force it on diners.
  28. Spot Check
    If You Reduce It, They Will ComeA head count of the bar crowd during Allen & Delancey’s half-off night.
  29. Recession Is Your Friend
    Monday Markdowns$7 martinis and half-off wine bottles.
  30. Recession Is Your Friend
    Allen & Delancey Halves Cocktail Prices on TuesdaysPlus, a look at new chef Kyle Bailey’s menu.
  31. Mediavore
    Kyle Bailey in at Allen & Delancey; Nobu Settles With WaitersPlus: more tax troubles for the Ciprianis, and hope for local honey, all in our morning news roundup.
  32. Chef Shuffle
    Neil Ferguson Keeps It Simple at Soho HouseThe recently installed chef gives us a glimpse of the new menu.
  33. Chef Shuffle
    Former Charles and Allen & Delancey Chefs SpeakJohn McCallister says he left Charles because of cash-flow problems.
  34. Chef Shuffle
    Neil Ferguson Leaves Allen & Delancey for Soho HouseHoi polloi will no longer have access to his cooking, but can still sample items he recently added to A&D’s menu.
  35. Slideshow
    A First Look at BarBao, Bringing Sexy Back to the Upper West Side TonightMichael “Bao” Huynh teams up with the group behind BLT Market and the designer of Allen & Delancey.
  36. Brunch Wars
    Allen & Delancey Debuts Cocktail Program Tonight, Brunch This WeekendPrepare yourself: The new cocktail list works just a little differently.
  37. NewsFeed
    The Night That the Lights Went Out in Allen & DelanceyA blackout at Allen & Delancey last night made it into the blogosphere.
  38. The In-box
    Where Can I Bring My Wheelchair-Bound Buddy for a Great Meal?“We don’t care where we go, as long as it’s wheelchair-accessible, fun, delicious, and south of 40th Street.”
  39. Mediavore
    Imagining Cipriani Without Liquor; Gael Greene’s Double Date’Top Chef’ might be heading north, Gael Greene’s double date, and more in our morning roundup of food news and gossip.
  40. The Other Critics
    Ducasse Gets His Three Stars; a British Tribute to MazeAlain Ducasse gets his wish, Paul Adams is seduced by Olana, and Jay Cheshes is not so enamored of Elettaria.
  41. NewsFeed
    Allen & Delancey Gives Area Roués the Late-Night Menu They Have Been There’s something about Allen & Delancey that seems … nocturnal. The room, even in the early hours, evokes jaded roués, furtive assignations, and the airless ennui of adultery. So the debut of a stylish late-night menu is apropos. Chef Neil Ferguson tells us that the community board extended the restaurant’s liquor license to 2 a.m. “Anything in that room is sexy,” Ferguson says. “This food, I think, is more for soaking up alcohol.” That may be, but the menu is more than a little exciting. There’s a braised lamb neck, rabbit croquettes, and even, in the dessert section, a milk sorbet served with hot cookies made to order. Late-night service begins at 11:20 p.m., Thursdays through Saturdays, starting tonight. Allen & Delancey late-night menu
  42. Mediavore
    No Mansion for You This Weekend; Clinton and Obama ApronsDon’t expect to get into Mansion tonight without an invite – or anytime this weekend unless you’re a model or designer. But you can experience their sex toys firsthand on Valentine’s Day. [Down by the Hipster] Related: Mansion’s House Is Not Entirely in Order Frank Bruni thinks Allen & Delancey and Sfoglia are romantic choices for Valentine’s Day. Too bad you won’t be able to get in. [Diner’s Journal/NYT] Restaurant Week may be over but there are still some (relatively) good deals to be had in this town. Case in point: on February 19 you can get a four-course meal at Café Boulud for the price of three courses. [Zagat Buzz]
  43. Mediavore
    Bloomberg Delivers Cheesecake; McDonald’s Takes on StarbucksHizzoner showed up to a political summit in Oklahoma with Junior’s cheesecake for all. [NYS] Jennifer LeRoy sees another 30 years of LeRoy ownership at Tavern on the Green, but she isn’t striking a deal with Donald Trump to keep the place. [Insatiable Critic] When world adventurer Anthony Bourdain found out that Food Network would be re-airing episodes of his series A Cook’s Tour, he was sitting by a pool in Hawaii. His reaction? “This was like being unexpectedly groped and publicly slipped the tongue by the ugliest girl at the prom.” [Anthony Bourdain’s Blog/Travel Channel]
  44. The Other Critics
    Allen & Delancey Gets Its Two-Star Due; Irving Mill Continues to UninspireIn spite of lousy desserts and a misstep in the fish department there, Frank Bruni couldn’t avoid giving Allen and Delancey’s complex, accomplished food two stars. [NYT] Alan Richman, no pushover, was also very impressed by Allen & Delancey, though he noted that the chef’s strength clearly lies in the realm of turf, rather than surf. Still, the respect is there: “The visceral satisfaction is high. He piles on flavors, and he does so with assurance.” [Bloomberg] Irving Mill: tired concept, spotty execution. Restaurant Girl joins the chorus. [NYDN]
  45. Mediavore
    Psilakis Moving Kefi to Better Space; Chodorow Moving Wild Salmon to a BetterMichael Psilakis is moving Kefi into a bigger and better space not far from its current location. [Diner’s Journal/NYT] Jeffrey Chodorow’s plagued seafood endeavor Wild Salmon is rumored to close before the New Year. [Eater] A list of restaurants for Christmas Eve and day dining includes traditional picks like the Café at Country and Allen & Delancey, and more unique options like a Scandinavian Christmas Eve feast at Aquavit and dim sum from Chinatown Brasserie. [Restaurant Girl]
  46. The Annotated Dish
    Allen & Delancey’s Not So Healthy Beef, Cabbage, and OnionNeil Ferguson of Allen & Delancey has been a big hit with downtown gourmands, applying the kind of precise classical cookery he did for Gordon Ramsay to more outré dishes, like this “beef, cabbage, and onion” special that has quickly become a signature dish for the restaurant. “I wanted to do something that felt like the Lower East Side,” he explains. “I thought of Katz’s brisket sandwich and Gus’s Pickles. I wanted an earthy-sounding dish that I could take to the next level.” As always, mouse over the different elements of the dish to hear them described in the chef’s own words.
  47. The Other Critics
    Bruni Closes the Book on Tailor; Allen & Delancey Gets Good, Not Great, NoticesBruni waited to be the last one to pronounce on Tailor, and his review pretty much recapitulates, albeit in wittier prose and with some much-appreciated Grub Street love, what everyone else has said: erratic brilliance, wee portions, and a killer cocktail program. The result: one star. [NYT] Allen & Delancey keeps impressing the critics, at least with chef Neil Ferguson’s meat mastery. His fish, though, is strictly from hunger, according to Restaurant Girl. [NYDN] Randall Lane offers one of his most thoughtful and precise reviews of Allen & Delancey, finding fault only in flavor balances and the fact that the place has to close up at midnight. [TONY]
  48. The Gobbler
    Adam Platt Defends His RatingsAfter seeing that our good friend Adam Platt awarded Allen & Delancey, a restaurant we especially admire, a measly two stars, we decided to confront him with his misjudgment, and request – nay, demand! – that he explain and even justify his method of awarding stars to us. We knew it was an argument we couldn’t win, and what’s more that we shouldn’t win, given the fact that Platt is arguably the city’s top critic, but we also know he would respond to us like the big baited bear that he is. The debate played out via our favorite medium, Instant Messenger.
  49. In the Magazine
    The Truffle Madness Continues for Another Week It’s truffle time at New York — a three-part celebration of the original Magic Mushroom (and you know how we feel about that). Moving beyond the fabulous fungi, Adam Platt made his way down to Allen & Delancey and was so impressed with the place that he almost gave it three stars — before remembering that he was Adam Platt.
  50. Mediavore
    Citywide Truffle Shortage; A New Eastside Fro-Yo FoeA citywide truffle shortage can explain why “the Waverly Inn jacked up the price of its infamous truffle-topped mac & cheese from $55 to $85. The dish was an amusing punch line at $55; at $85, it’s just obscene.” [NYP] Related: Le Cirque Bids High for Monster Truffle Bruni eschews all the courtesies one suffers at the dinner table, which he refers to as restaurantspeak: “Would I ‘enjoy coffee with dessert?’ I don’t know; it depends how good the coffee is. I’ll have some, yes, then we’ll see.” [NYT] FR.OG has now lost Jean Georges alum chef Didier Virot to the Plaza’s new restaurant-to-be, the Palm Court, set to open later this year. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]
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