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  1. food fight
    It’s Only Monday and this Alinea–Cat Cora Drama Is Already So GoodAll this over a reservation!
  2. balloons!
    Justin Timberlake Really Enjoyed His Dinner at Alinea Last Night“It’s not a big deal, fam. I’m just hanging out at Alinea, eating sugar balloons.”
  3. first taste
    The Office Is a Curious, But Pleasant, New York Debut for Grant AchatzA hidden hotel bar with $23 drinks makes our critic eager to see what else the celebrated chef has in store.
  4. empire building
    The Hidden Risks of Writing a CookbookThe cookbook business has a reputation for being strong and lucrative — a smart career move for any chef. The reality burns.
  5. empire building
    The Real Cost and Benefit of Opening an International Restaurant Pop-up“It is basically the most elaborate, challenging, and time-consuming team-building exercise you can do.”
  6. Fireworks
    Here’s What to Expect When Alinea ReopensHam hanging from the ceiling, and plates that look like they float.
  7. Coddling
    Fine Dining Is DoomedWhy would young operators deal with the complexities of haute cuisine when there’s plenty of glory — and money — to be had with cheaper restaurants?
  8. Pop-Ups
    Details Announced for Alinea’s Residency in MiamiGrant Achatz will cook there from February 17 to March 13.
  9. Excursions
    Grant Achatz’s Alinea Will Head to MadridThe famed Chicago restaurant will run two different dining experiences in January.
  10. Hangovers
    Alinea Is Celebrating Its 10th Anniversary With the World’s MostWould you expect anything less from Grant Achatz?
  11. Next at Next
    Next’s 2015 Menus: Bistro, Tapas, and ‘Terroir’Tickets go on sale to the general public on Saturday.
  12. News
    Can Thomas Keller Convince New Yorkers to Pay for Restaurant Tickets?The chef has some major changes planned for 2015.
  13. News
    The Alinea Team Hired a Google Engineer to Beef Up Its Ticketing SystemNick Kokonas says all the details on the new company are yet to be announced.
  14. Lists
    Here Are the 2015 Michelin Stars for Chicago; Grace Joins Alinea With ThreeThere are now two top-tiered places in the Windy City.
  15. The Tipping Economy
    How Service Charges Could Fix America’s Tipping ProblemAlinea owner Nick Kokonas explains.
  16. Happy Halloween
    This Strip Mall Café Dressed Up As a Pretentious Restaurant for HalloweenThe signature dish, “Flavors of a Chicago fall,” involves foraged Pringles and twigs.
  17. Expansions
    Alinea Team Will Add New Chicago Restaurant to Their PortfolioAchatz plots another in the “hottest restaurant neighborhood in the country.”
  18. Video Feed
    Here’s the Trailer for Next’s Modern Chinese MenuThe menu will be served through August.
  19. Foodievents
    Grant Achatz Says Alinea Will Pop Up in New York City in October“This is very much a test … why not take it on the road?”
  20. Video Feed
    Guy Who Cooked the Entire Alinea Cookbook Wrote a Beautiful-Looking Book AboutFoams, gels, and stocks made out of Skittles.
  21. This Again?
    Turns Out Kids Are Still Capable of Ruining Meals at Nice RestaurantsGrant Achatz sets off yet another round of the kids-in-restaurants debate, even though there is really nothing left to debate.
  22. Next at Next
    Next’s 2014 Menus: Steak, Modern Chinese, and ‘Trio’Ready for Grant Achatz to do “silky bisque”?
  23. Lists
    Michelin Releases 2014 Chicago Star RatingsThe city now has more starred restaurants than ever before.
  24. Lists
    Michelin Chicago Results Released Early; Alinea Holds On to Three, Grace LandsThe full list is coming up shortly.
  25. Interviews
    Alex Stupak and Grant Achatz on Managing Talent and Creating a“Once you get a restaurant … you want to control every facet of it. But you very quickly realize that it’s impossible.”
  26. Foodievents
    Grant Achatz and Alex Stupak Extend ‘Push Project’They’ll cook a themeless dinner on Friday.
  27. Vamonos
    Grant Achatz Will Cook at Empellón Cocina Next MonthGet ready to push.
  28. Video Feed
    Here’s the Trailer for Next’s Bocuse d’Or MenuHow will Grant Achatz bring the white-knuckle culinary competition to an intimate dining-room setting?
  29. Quote of the Day
    Grant Achatz Hints Alinea Will Find a Way Into Even More CitiesIt’s like Hydrocolloids: The Musical, but with less music.
  30. Etiquette
    Service Included: 11 Restaurants Where Tipping Isn’t CustomaryIncluding Per Se, Next, and Chez Panisse.
  31. Chef Shuffle
    Matt Chasseur Steps Down As Alinea’s Chef de CuisineThe Chicago chef is moving to the East Coast.
  32. Critical Mass
    Chicagoans Tired of Tribune Critic’s Recurring Next RavesThen fine-dining innovation traps critics in a rut.
  33. Interviews
    The Guy Behind The Alinea and Next VideosWho makes those Next videos? He does.
  34. Awards
    Alinea Wins Chef’s Choice, Named #15 on World’s Best Restaurants ListAlinea slips, but wins new honor, in World’s 50 Best Restaurants List.
  35. Video Feed
    Video: Alinea’s New Toy Shows Off… Alinea’s New ToysAlinea video changes how you look at what they do.
  36. Chefs
    What Rene DeLeon Will Do, And Not Do, At Billy Lawless’s West Town ProjectSous chef Rene DeLeon has left Next for new Billy Lawless restaurant.
  37. Lists
    Bon Appétit Says These 20 Restaurants Are the Country’s MostAn important list of important restaurants.
  38. Oh Snap!
    Everyone: Taking Food Pictures in Restaurants Is Not That ComplicatedShutter to think.
  39. Fine Dining
    Wretched Excess: More Writers Complaining About the ‘Tyranny’ ofIt’s time to cool it with the tasting-menus-as-torture pieces.
  40. Video Feed
    Watch Alinea Take Over Eleven Madison Park, and Vice VersaThis fall’s most ambitious culinary experiment now has a retrospective companion video.
  41. Video Feed
    Watch a Clip From Spinning Plates, a New Food Documentary FeaturingJourney into the mind of Grant Achatz.
  42. A Bite to Eat
    Pete Wells on the Tyranny of Tasting MenusThings get sour when it comes to “the delayed-bread power play.”
  43. Foodievents
    Website for Alinea–Eleven Madison Park Switcheroo Is Up and RunningIf Grant Achatz leaves Chicago in a train traveling 45 miles per hour …
  44. Events
    All Aboard! 21st Century Limited (That Alinea-EMP Thing) Ticket Process BeginsRegister for the Alinea-Eleven Madison Park tradeoff.
  45. Restaurant Swap
    Are Marc Vetri and Ken Oringer Planning Their Own Restaurant Swaps?The exchange between Eleven Madison Park and Alinea has chefs pondering their own restaurant swaps.
  46. Restaurant Swap
    Eleven Madison Park and Alinea to Swap RestaurantsCall it: Alinea Madison Park.
  47. Alinea
    Alinea and Eleven Madison Park Trading Places For a Week? Plus First KyotoAlinea and Eleven Madison Park are cooking something up.
  48. Alinea
    Alinea Ticketing System Announces Days You’ll Be Frantically Clicking On ItAlinea ticketing system announces the days when you’ll be frantically clicking on it.
  49. Alinea
    Alinea Opens Ticket Sales! Alinea Tickets Gone Already!Alinea goes to ticketing system.
  50. Alinea
    Alinea Ticketing System Gets One Step Closer: A Facebook PageAlinea takes a first step toward ticketing.
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