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    Set Your DVR to MenuPagesWatch our editor talk restaurants on TV.
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    Platt Applauds Neroni; Make a Six-Footer for Your Super Bowl PartyAdam Platt on 10 Downing and West Branch, how to clean a squid, new listings, and more in this week’s magazine.
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    Which Cookbooks Make Good Gifts?On the CW 11 this morning, ‘New York’ made some recommendations.
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    We Catch Wakiya’s First Guests on the StreetIan Schrager’s Wakiya opened last night, bringing a much-awaited conclusion to the search for a luxury restaurant for the Gramercy Park Hotel. After an aborted engagement with Allen Yau, Schrager was able to bring over famed Japanese chef Yuji Wakiya to create a Chinese restaurant in the hotel. Grub Street correspondent Alexandra Vallis was on the spot to see what guests thought – including, we were happy to see, none other than Benihana founder Rocky Aoki, who noted approvingly that “this is what American people want.” Did the other diners agree? Check out the video and see.