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Alexander Skarsgard

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    Alexander Skarsgård on Cooking Beef Bourguignon and Eating Food Off theThe actor’s starring in a movie about the concept of freeganism.
  2. Celebrity Settings
    Ed Westwick Survives Natural Disaster at Café Colette; Joe Jonas SurvivesPlus: Alexander Skarsgard gets mobbed by beautiful ladies, Justin Timberlake tips well, and more, in our weekly roundup of celebrity dining.
  3. Celebrity Settings
    U2 Parties Hard at Spotted Pig; Alexander Skarsgard Can’t Stop Going toPlus: Kanye West heads to La Bottega, Carlos Beltran eats his last dinner as a Met, Bruno Mars feeds a model at Co-Op, and more, all in our weekly roundup of celebrity dining.
  4. Celebrity Settings
    Lindsay Lohan Back on the Loose at Lexington Social House; Todd Phillips TakesAnd suddenly, a few familiar faces doing a few familiar things magically realign the cosmos of Hollywood nightlife.
  5. Celebrity Settings
    Lindsay ‘Lynwood’ Lohan Claims She Was Sucker-Punched At VoyeurThe fallen star’s bad week ends with her Dad teasing her from the heinous halls of Saddle Ranch.
  6. Celebrity Settings
    Charlize Cuddles with Keanu at Bouchon; Suri Cruise Makes It Rain at Le PainTwo newly single stars get snapped being intimate while a future star throws some dough around a bakery.
  7. Celebrity Settings
    Hubert Keller Digs D.J.s at The Edison; Mischa Barton Has Her Credit CardA celeb chef turns more heads Downtown and a starlet forgets her cash at the grocery store.