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  1. Previews
    High Cotton, Lali’s, and Picnic Bakery Coming to Red Vic SpaceAlso, the Alembic is expanding into the former lobby, as we’d heard earlier.
  2. App-etizing
    Food & Wine Launches New Cocktail App Featuring S.F. BarsIt features ten local bars among the country’s top 100.
  3. Previews
    Red Vic Space Will Get Food Stalls; Alembic Expansion Gets Fleshed OutThe restaurant will be adding about 38 seats by expanding into the former lobby of the movie house.
  4. Lists
    S.F. Shows Well on Food & Wine Best Bars ListS.F. has six bars on the list of 50.
  5. Neighborhood Watch
    Update on Alembic’s Expansion; Super Duper Opens For Real in the Marina;
  6. Booze You Can Use
    The Alembic to Expand Next Door as Red Vic ShuttersWe might finally get a seat at the bar after 5 p.m. one day!
  7. The Other Critics
    In Honor of V-Day, Kauffman Eats Heart; Reidinger Kind of Likes Pizza Nostra,
  8. Nonstaurants
    Alembic Chefs Launch Stag Dining; Dirty Dishes Finishes; Diamond Lil Pops Up onTwo Alembic chefs, former and current, reunite for clandestine dining.
  9. Rumor Mill
    What of the Chefs Who Don’t Have Kitchens to Call Home?A roundup of the top eight talented local chefs who don’t currently have restaurants.
  10. Mediavore
    How to Make Slow Food Stuffed Crust Pizza; Did Everyone in the Aughts Become aLocal Lemons blogger makes a slow food pan pizza, and foodie-ism is named one of the 50 things that changed us in the aughts.
  11. Neighborhood Watch
    Pomodoro’s Next Casualty; Alembic Shuffles
  12. NewsFeed
    Out-of-Town Mixologists Will Show Us a Little Thing or TwoPhilip Ward, head barkeep at Death & Co., is hoping to broaden the relatively small world of Manhattan mixology by launching a bartender exchange program that he says is the first of its kind. This week the bar welcomes Kirk Estopinal from Chicago’s the Violet Hour, who brings to the bartop his own house-made bitters and a little something known as a “black lime,” wherein a lime is cooked in salt water, dehydrated, and zested into a drink such as a tea punch. (Let’s hope someone has told the out-of-towner to glove up before handling the lime — the Health Department is watching.) Next month Ward swaps duties with a bartender at Alembic, a San Francisco favorite, and the following month a mixologist from London cocktail mecca the Lonsdale will cross the pond. If you can think of any other mixologists who’d be an asset to Death & Co. (and who are based in cities its bartenders might actually want to travel to), do name them in the comments.