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Aldo Sohm

  1. Yakety Yak
    Why It’s Time to Start Eating Tibetan Yak Cheese“We call every day,” Ripert says. “They say, ‘maybe tomorrow.’”
  2. Openings
    What to Eat at Aldo Sohm Wine Bar, Le Bernardin’s New Offshoot“Wine is fun. It has nothing to do with ego.”
  3. Neighborhood Watch
    A Crawfish Boil in Ditmas Park; South American Wines at Le BernardinPlus: Percy’s moves into the East Village, and Zohan Hummus launches, in our daily roundup of neighborhood food news.
  4. Marketing Gimmicks
    Ripert Launches Wine Club to End All Wine ClubsLet Ripert’s “Best Sommelier in the World” Aldo Sohm choose your next wine.
  5. Awards
    Beard Awards: The Chefs Speak!What Dufresne, Chang, Boulud, Ripert, and others had to say at last night’s festivities.
  6. Oenofile
    Learn From the ‘Best Sommelier in the World’Le Bernardin sommelier Aldo Sohm hosts a new education series.
  7. NewsFeed
    Le Bernardin’s Aldo Sohm Wins World Sommelier ContestAldo Sohm can honestly say he’s the “best sommelier in the world.”
  8. NewsFeed
    Le Bernardin Lands the ‘Best Sommelier in America’ When Wallsé’s Aldo Sohm won the American Sommelier Association’s competition last month, we suspected he’d soon be in charge of a bigger wine program. Now we hear that he is taking over as wine director of Le Bernardin.