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Alan Harding

  1. Pioneer
    Alan Harding Was Advised to Bring a Gun to Brooklyn Back in 1997Smith Street turned out safe.
  2. Gowanus
    Littleneck Enlists Big MacherA bold move.
  3. Shady Things
    Alan Harding Is in the DoghouseKids before food trucks.
  4. Openings
    Hot Bird Food Truck Will Be Replaced by Sausage-Slinging Shipping ContainerGood-bye, Vietnamese summer roll with lobster and kimchee. Hello, sausage on baguette with mustard.
  5. Truckin’
    Marrakech Chefs Truck Enters, Hot Bird Truck LeavesThe latest in the truck world.
  6. Truckin’
    Alan Harding Revs Up Hot Bird TruckDid you know food trucks are a trend?
  7. Truckin’
    Lobsters on a Roll: A ‘Claw-Off,’ a Truck, and First Look atThe East Village favorite opens its second location this week.
  8. Empire Building
    Jim Mamary: ‘The Days of Me Owning and Operating Are Over’The pioneering Brooklyn restaurateur has closed two restaurants.
  9. Openings
    A Look Back at the Block Party, and at Jim Mamary’s New ’Cue SpotDetails about the new smoke joint in the former Gravy space.
  10. Reopenings
    Patois Team Giving Up Pacifico?Plus, details on their relocation of Patois.
  11. Closings
    Patois Will CloseThe Carroll Gardens pioneer couldn’t come to an agreement with its landlord.
  12. NewsFeed
    Jim Mamary and Alan Harding Consider Their Brooklyn EmpireDo the Brooklyn middlebrow moguls regret what they have wrought?
  13. NewsFeed
    Carroll Gardens One Step Closer to CocktailsCarroll Gardeners are one step closer to their very own cocktail lounge today. Word from Alan Harding and Jim Mamary is that, while the recommendation for a liquor license won’t be assured until the full community board meets, the land-use committee voted in their favor yesterday. Harding, who is not a partner at present, will create a menu that doesn’t require a kitchen. “It’s a huge challenge, but you can do some great things without a gas-fired kitchen. We’re going to be as fancy and creative as we can.” Given the kind of success Jimmy’s and Marlow and Sons have with a limited kitchen, this may be the future of cocktail cooking. In the meantime, the lease is secured and Mamary and Harding predict a “late-spring” opening. Earlier: Carroll Gardens May Get a Swank New Cocktail Lounge — Pending CB Approval Tonight Related: Jimmy’s Secret Chef Performs Culinary Miracles in the East Village
  14. NewsFeed
    Carroll Gardens May Get a Swank New Cocktail Lounge — Pending CB ApprovalDoes Alan Harding, the king of Carroll Gardens, have a new project up his sleeve? We hear talk of an “upscale cocktail lounge” on Hoyt Street near Union Street’s Black Mountain Wine House. A neighborhood foodie tells us that this new venture depends on the community board, which will vote on the liquor license tonight. Sure enough, right there on CB6’s land-use committee agenda tonight is “Discussion and formulation of recommendation on an on-premises liquor license application submitted to the State Liquor Authority on behalf of 415 Union Street Inc. at 303 Hoyt Street (Block 430, Lot 78) between Union/Sackett Streets.” Will Brooklyn Social or another neighborhood competitor try to protest? Find out tonight.