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Ajay Naidu

  1. Beef
    Food Feuds: Which Curry Row Light Show Got the Bored to DeathTwo rival restaurants claim to have gotten a visit from Jason Schwartzman.
  2. Celebrity Settings
    Jason Schwartzman Gets the ‘Norm!’ Treatment at Williamsburg Bar“There was a cheer and cry like a football team had scored.”
  3. TV Land
    Bored to Death Shoots In (and Shoots Up) RelishThe Williamsburg diner’s latest posthumous appearance.
  4. Celebrity Settings
    Let John McEnroe’s Kid Fix You a DrinkKevin McEnroe is working as a bartender.
  5. It’s Chinatown
    BEast Screens Off-the-Wall Movie, Serves Off-the-Menu CocktailSee one of the greatest food fights of all time.
  6. The New York Diet
    Actor-Director Ajay Naidu Will Eat Sugar But Only for Uma ThurmanAjay Naidu — known for his role as Sameer in Office Space and for parts in The West Wing and other shows — reported to the set of Griffin Dunne’s new romantic comedy, The Accidental Husband, while also doing post-production work on his directorial debut, Ashes. We wondered how a man who was at the mercy of Craft services and who had recently quit sugar (making it “doubly hard to get around and be satisfied in New York”) could survive for a week. Luckily, his co-star Uma Thurman convinced him to eat a cookie.