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  1. advice
    Here’s Another Reminder to Stop Using Delivery AppsThey prey on restaurants, but still can’t make money.
  2. dad food
    25 Food Dads on the Best Cooking Advice They Ever GotHow to cover a mistake, the perfect masala chai, the power of a humble onion, and more.
  3. Sloshed
    Sloshed: How to Get Drunk With Your Family This ChristmasProperly deploy a few key techniques and you can have a drunken blast with your family (instead of hearing about your uncle’s knee surgery, yet again).
  4. Quote of the Day
    Marc Vetri Offers Sage-Like Wisdom For Aspiring ChefsThere’s more to running a restaurant than 15 minutes of reality TV fame.
    Charlie Trotter Wants You to Be Ballsier“Too many people are chicken shit. Go do something for five years. You’re young. You can always play it safe later.”
  6. Drinking
    Bloody Marys and Menudo: Hangover Cures From Our Favorite Dive BartendersBartenders from ace dives like Bernice’s, Ten Cat, and The Sovereign pass along their failproof hangover cures.