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  1. news you can booze
    Of Course People Are Calling This Horrible Heineken Ad RacistIt shows a beer slide past two darker-skinned people and ends with “Sometimes, lighter is better.”
  2. video feed
    Here’s the Actual Diner Ad That Kate McKinnon and Will Ferrell Parodied on SNLDysart’s chicken-potpie ad went viral in 2012 — and SNL revived it in 2018.
  3. ads
    Watch Heineken’s Ad About Political Unity Succeed Where Pepsi’s FailedIt shows three pairs of strangers who have polar-opposite viewpoints.
  4. sauced
    Heinz Turned Don Draper’s Mad Men Pitch Into a Real AdA fictional pitch that was just ahead of its time.
  5. video feed
    Chance the Rapper’s New Kit Kat Ad Is Pretty GreatChance the Wrapper charms real Chance, who also happens to be dressed like a lion.
  6. marketing fails
    Sprite Releases ‘Brutally Refreshing’ Ads That End Up Just Being MisogynisticSome of the winning lines include “She’s seen more ceilings than Michelangelo” and “A 2 at 10 is a 10 at 2!”
  7. Food Fights
    Chobani Debuts Fearmongering AdsIn turn, Dannon’s attorneys have filed a cease-and-desist.
  8. Video Feed
    Tim and Eric’s Totino’s Ad Is 3 Minutes of Awesome Pizza Roll“I can’t get enough of Totino’s Pizza Rolls. I put them in my mouth five times a day.”
  9. Brisket-Boarding
    People Wasted a Demoralizing Amount of Time Watching Arby’s 13-HourAn average of 38 minutes per person, to be exact.
  10. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Tricked People With the Promise of Nonexistent Jobs for a LameThe whole zombie musical thing is fake, but that’s okay because McDonald’s Las Vegas is open 24 hours.
  11. Brisketnomics
    How Arby’s 13-Hour Brisket Ad Ruined Barbecue for the Rest of UsPitmasters are feeling the pinch.
  12. Brisket-Boarding
    Arby’s to Torture Minnesotans With 13-Hour TV AdTomorrow, bored Duluthians can watch a brisket smoke for the better part of the day.
  13. Ribnecks
    Canadian Chain Boston Pizza Debuts Offensive ‘Ribnecks’ Ad Campaign“We are also seeing many guests across the country responding favourably to the spot.”
  14. Video Feed
    Thirteen Appetizing Super Bowl Ads From the Past 33 YearsNo beer allowed.
  15. Marketing Gimmicks
    Montreal City Officials Accuse PETA of SexismOne P.C. card trumps another when Pam Anderson poses in a bikini.
  16. Marketing Gimmicks
    Is It Burger Porn or Is It Art?UK Burger King takes burger porn to the next level with showercam
  17. Cameos
    New Phone Will Explain the West Village to YouAnd get you to Blue Ribbon Bakery.
  18. Marketing Gimmicks
    Which One Is More Terrifying?The New York Wine & Food Festival has made us scared to “meet Bobby.”
  19. Marketing Gimmicks
    Pervy PETAChe Guevara’s granddaughter strips down for the cause.
  20. Viral
    Colicchio Cooks for Vampires Shills for HBOColicchio: “I have a lot of friends that are vampires.”
  21. TV Land
    Dunkin’ Is Just Determined to Make Us Swallow ‘Brokefast’Dunkin’ targets the Lower East Side in a viral campaign.
  22. Product Placement
    Padma Does a ‘Burger Shot’ for Hardee’sFirst there was Tom Coke-licchio. Now, Padma shilling for Hardee’s.
  23. NewsFeed
    Chickpea Unveils a Logo We Can Really Get BehindIt’s cool and all, butt…