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  1. food media
    Bon Appétit’s Test Kitchen Stars Are Demanding Equal PayThey refuse to appear in more videos until Condé Nast addresses a pay discrepancy.
  2. food media
    Bon Appétit’s Editor-in-Chief Resigns After Staff OutcryEmployers and contributors had called for Adam Rapoport to step down after a photo of him in brownface resurfaced on social media.
  3. Quote of the Day
    Bon App Gets Grilled on TwitterShe called out Adam Rapoport on Twitter.
  4. Other Magazines
    Fettunta and Fashion: Lunch With ‘Bon Appetit’ Editor Adam Rapoport“I want to make a magazine that is a lot more ‘360.’”
  5. Regular Guys
    People Trying to Suss Out Food Writers’ Coyly Mentioned Go-to RestaurantsThe first rule of being a restaurant regular is you don’t name the restaurant where you are a regular.
  6. BA Likes It
    Bon Appétit Launches ‘Seal of Approval’ ProgramThat should make life easier.
  7. Other Magazines
    Fancypants: Bon Appétit Teaming Up With Banana RepublicWe would have called it Banappétit.
  8. Damnnn
    A.F. Rapoport’s Hot Buttered Rum Is Legit, and at Joseph LeonardIt’s here and it’s awesome.
  9. Quote of the Day
    Adam Rapoport on His Fleeting Fashion SenseWhy he loves his white jeans.
  10. Other Magazines
    Will the New Bon Appétit Matter?Yes, all the food blogs are excited that Gwyneth’s on the cover. But is anyone else?
  11. FYI
    Yes, There Were a Bunch of Famous People at Last Night’s ‘BonAnd they all had food on the mind, naturally.
  12. Other Magazines
    Adam Rapoport Discusses the New ‘Bon Appétit’“If you change a magazine too much, you risk pissing off a lot of your readers. If you don’t change it enough, you don’t give the press enough to write about.”
  13. Other Magazines
    When Did All the Food People Get So Stylish?Selvedge denim is now necessary apparel for mushroom foraging.
  14. The Grub Street Diet
    Bon Appétit EIC Adam Rapoport Is Very Picky About His Sandwiches,“I’m kind of an avocado fiend. They’re like nature’s butter.”
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    Bon App Staffs Up With New Executive and Deputy EditorsChristine Muhlke will be the magazine’s executive editor.
  16. Other Magazines
    New Bon Appétit EIC Adam Rapoport: ‘There Are Things“I definitely have ideas. But in terms of actually realizing them and creating a magazine, that’s something that will come into focus a lot more over the next several months.”
  17. Other Magazines
    And the New Editor of Bon Appétit Will Be Adam RapoportA ‘GQ’ style editor will head up the troubled culinary mag.