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  1. Executive Decisions
    Umami Restaurant Group Names Adam Fleischman’s ReplacementThe group will bring fried chicken and pizza to NYC next.
  2. Coming Soon
    Umami Group Opening Indian-Mexican Mash-Up Restaurant in NYCIt might happen this fall.
  3. Coming Soon
    ChocoChicken Opens Next Month in Los AngelesThey’re going to serve bacon biscuits with something called “ChocoKetchup” on the side.
  4. Empire Building
    Adam Fleischman Wants to Open 150 Umami Burger Locations in Five YearsAnd he thinks you should “treat your burger like your lover.”
  5. Empire Building
    How Out-of-Town Chefs Finally Penetrated New York’s Restaurant SceneKen Oringer, Michel Richard, and others share their strategies.
  6. Underground Gourmet Review
    The Underground Gourmet: Three Stars Each for Umami Burger and SweetgreenNew York’s newest burger brings the fifth taste, while DC transplant tries to make the salad bar a lifestyle.
  7. Openings
    Umami Burger’s First New York City Location Opens in One WeekWith waiter service and a cocktail menu, no less.
  8. Summer Guide 2013
    Umami Burger Comes to New York, Armed With One Addictive IngredientBut how will it fare in New York’s competitive burger climate?
  9. Pizza Wars
    How To Distinguish The Two Opposing Sides In L.A.’s Quick-Serve Pizza WarBlaze Pizza secures funding to spread franchise across the country, while Umami’s shogun will likely have a more patient approach.
  10. Hopelessly Delayed
    Umami Burger’s Oakland Outpost Delayed Until Year EndNo explanation’s been given.
  11. Coming Soon
    Umami Broadening Barbecue at Roadhouse L.A., Opening This Summer in WestMenus may include whole heads and shoulders and international influences like in a Punjabi poutine.
  12. Empire Building
    800 Degrees Expanding to Santa Monica (And 120 Seats) This FallThe sequel to Umami’s pizza concept will also feature a stand-alone deli with sandwiches on baked pizza dough.
  13. Empire Building
    Two or Three More Umami Burgers on the Way, and Owner Plots Casual Asian ChainThe Oakland location, which has been delayed, is opening in May.
  14. Umami Ubiquity
    Umami Burger Launching Irvine LocationComing to the Irvine Spectrum Amphitheater, this will be the fourteenth location ion the series of Japanese-kissed burger joints.
  15. Empire Building
    Umamiwatch: Six NYC Umami Burgers May Be Open by 2014The first is expected to open late next spring.
  16. Exports
    Umami Burger Heading Out of State, Opening in MiamiAll things SBE eventually flow towards South Beach these days.
  17. Grub Guide
    Eight Places to Pig-Out Before ‘The Aporkalypse’Pork belly served eight ways, Iberico raw and in ice cream, and crispy pig head croquettes await.
  18. Coming Soon
    Looks Like Umami Burger Is Headed to Greenwich Village [Updated]A community board agenda says the L.A. chain will set up shop on Sixth Avenue.
  19. Ubiquitous Umami
    Pasadena Awaiting Umami BurgerSo, what will be Old Towne’s proprietary burger?
  20. Openings
    Umami Burger Grows to The Grove, August 6The new location will feature Umami hot dogs, milkshakes, and chips.
  21. Empire Building
    L.A. Creamery Takes on Umami Investor and Iberico Lardo Ice CreamAdam Fleischman is now a co-owner and flavor maker at the local ice cream brand.
  22. The Other Critics
    Redemption for UMAMIcatessen Via The Goldster; SIV Lists Her Fav Spots For LongUmami pastrami: Where do you weigh in?
  23. Empire Building
    Umami Burger Adds Thousand Oaks Location and Children’s Menu, Open May 3The opening marks the tenth Umami in the chain’s unstoppable spread.
  24. Openings
    Umami Burger Ubiquity Officially Spreads to O.C., Launches Tandoori BurgerAdam Felischman opens SoCal’s seventh Umami outpost, and the first for Orange County.
  25. Ubiquitous Umami
    Umami Burger Imposing High-Tech U-Mini on WestwoodThe Bruins are getting a smaller version of the burger chain, without servers, just apps and tablets.
  26. Openings
    Umamicatessen Opening March 3rd with Back Bar, The Cure, Spring for Coffee, andThe Incanto chef’s latest project will debut in Adam Fleischman’s modern mega-deli Umamicatessen.
  27. Closings
    Thousand Oaks Loses Nate ‘n Al, But Is Getting An Umami BurgerThe legendary deli only made it about two years in The Valley.
  28. Empire Building
    Umami Burger Is Coming to Franklin Street in OaklandIt’s just a stone’s throw from True Burger…
  29. Openings
    800 Degrees Fired Up in WestwoodThe Umami-fied pizza joint opens in Westwood.
  30. Quote of the Day
    Adam Fleischman Uncovers Umami’s NicheAnd manages to diss everyone’s favorite competitors along the way.
  31. Empire Building
    Adam Fleischman’s 800 Degrees Opening in JanuaryThe Umami don plans customizable pies that cook in only one minute.
  32. Burger Time
    Umami Charges $100 For Foie Gras and Truffle BurgerWith a snooty side of bragging about your bank account balance.
  33. Empire Building
    Double-Decker Umami Burger Location Coming to Hermosa BeachAnd another will land on Laguna Beach early next year.
  34. Chef Shuffles
    Chris Cosentino Opening Pigg in Downtown L.A.’s UmamicatessenThe San Francisco offal devotee tempts L.A. with Sicilian pig ear sandwiches and Iberico crudo.
  35. Openings
    San Francisco’s First Umami Burger Softly Opens Saturday [Updated]The official opening is Monday, October 10.
  36. Previews
    Umami Burger Lands October 7 in Cow HollowThey take over the former Jovino space shortly.
  37. Beef
    Ouch! Amy Pressman Likens Umami Burger to Fuddrucker’sConsider the burger battle for The Grove officially on!
  38. Sam’s Club
    Sam Nazarian Partners With Umami Burger for National ExpansionAfter blazing a trail through NorCal and San Diego, the burger chain will concentrate on New York, Miami, Vegas, and Houston.
  39. Empire Building
    Umami Burger New York Slated for ‘Late 2012’Wildly popular L.A. chain Umami Burger is coming to New York by the end of next year.
  40. Real Estate
    Umami Burger Snags Former Jovino Space on UnionThe rumor is confirmed.
  41. Burgers
    Umami Burger Plans Mission Location, Moves Forward In Cow HollowThe L.A. chain is about to take S.F. by storm.
  42. Burger Time
    Umami’s Ruskie Is Coming!The new Russian burger at Umami is only missing one key ingredient.
  43. Quote of the Day
    In-N-Out: The Original Umami BurgerAdam Fleischman speaks about the burger that inspired his empire.
  44. Empire Building
    Umami Burger’s Cow Hollow Location Up In Air, And Now They’re GoingThe L.A. chain is moving to Union Street, not Scott, come summer.
  45. Empire Building
    Two Boots Pizza and Umamicatessen Elected to Bring Back BroadwayThe two new restaurant projects are being cited as central parts of José Huizar’s plan to bring the historic corridor back to its former glory.
  46. Empire Building
    With Downtown’s Umamicatessen, Adam Fleischman is Just Getting StartedThe owner of L.A.’s red-hot burger chain has an ambitious new outpost planned in Downtown, but that’s not all.
  47. Superlatives
    Amid The Disarray of L.A.’s Burger World, GQ Crowns Umami’s AdamSounds like someone needs to take Adam Richman to Comme Ca or Golden State stat.
  48. Empire Building
    Adam Fleischman Plans His Own Pizza PlaceThe Umami shogun will open a funky new place in Westwood where the pizza cooks in 45 seconds
  49. Empire Building
    Umami Spreading to Studio CityA fall opening is planned for Adam Fleischman’s fifth location since starting the chain sixteen months ago.
  50. Coming Soon
    Jordan Kahn, Noah Ellis, and Umami Don Unite for Red MedicineAdam Fleischman will turn his attention to Vietnamese food.
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