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Acqua Pazza

  1. The Other Critics
    Bauer *Almost* Gives Heirloom Three Stars; Erickson Enjoys Pizza at Acqua PazzaBauer teases Heirloom with a three-star review, but says the menu’s too limited.
  2. The Other Critics
    Michelin: Gastronomic Bible Reads Like In-Flight AdvertorialWhen we saw the new Michelin ratings on the Web, before getting ahold of the actual book, we were left scratching our heads. (Read our complaints and suggestions here.) Now that we’re reading the thing, we’re becoming even more confused. This is supposed to be a guidebook? The descriptions are all breezy, self-contained little blurbs which seem more like something you would read in an airplane magazine’s advertorial insert than in the American edition of the oldest and most powerful restaurant guide in the world.