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88 Palace

  1. Fancy Dance-y
    Late-Night Dance Party Relocates to Dim-Sum PalaceNo Ordinary Monkey has moved from the bowels of a Financial District office building (cool) to the bowels of the Manhattan Bridge (way cool!).
  2. Back of the House
    The Heartening Backstory of the Deliveryman RebellionThe worker protests recently seen at Saigon Grill and Ollie’s Noodle Shop and Grill weren’t just an isolated pair of incidents; they indicate a sea change, according to a dramatic, eye-opening article in City Limits this week. Ever since workers at 88 Palace on East Broadway won their case against management for paying them poorly and ripping off a portion of their tips, the article says, long-terrorized restaurant staffers have been riding a wave of rebellion into fair treatment. Right on! Of course, our sympathies are always with the people who bring us our food. Wins Galvanize Workers at City’s Asian Eateries [City Limits] Related: Pols Come Out to Support Saigon Grill Workers; Delivery Service Still Suspended [Daily Intel]