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2016 Election

  1. studies
    New Study Reveals Exactly How Much the 2016 Election Ruined ThanksgivingA “creepy” new report shows that postelection dinners were much shorter than usual.
  2. the chain gang
    Hillary Clinton Reportedly Wanted Howard Schultz As Her Labor SecretaryInstead, America’s probably getting the guy from Carl’s Jr.
  3. bans
    Restaurateurs Who Are So Over 2016 Post Sign Banning All Trump Voters“If you voted for Trump you can not eat here! No Nazis.”
  4. table manners
    Everyone Really Wants You to Avoid Talking Politics During Thanksgiving DinnerIt could get even uglier than usual this year.
  5. seriously?
    Fake Child-Trafficking News Story Leads to Death Threats at Innocent PizzeriaPizza is the only thing for sale at Comet in D.C.
  6. terrible customers
    Watch a Trump Supporter Explode at Starbucks Over ‘White Discrimination’“I voted for Trump. Trump! You lost. Now give me my money back.”
  7. discrimination
    Iowa Restaurant Punishes Local Trump Voters With Extra Cover Charge“Yes, this is discrimination, but you voted for it.”
  8. the chain gang
    Trump Supporter Allegedly Left TGI Friday’s Server Hate Speech Instead of a TipThis is emerging as a devastating nationwide trend.
  9. the chain gang
    Chili’s Manager Takes Away Black Vet’s Free Burger on Veterans DayA customer in Trump shirt allegedly questioned his service to a manager.
  10. not mincing words
    GrubHub CEO Suggests Employees Who Approve of Trump’s Rhetoric Should Quit“If you do not agree with this statement then please reply to this email with your resignation because you have no place here.”
  11. food policy
    Experts Keep Speculating About What Trump’s Victory Means for the Food IndustryThe president-elect is clearly pro–fast food.
  12. news you can booze
    As Expected, Trump’s Election Is Already Hurting Mexican BeerShare prices of Corona’s importer dropped 8 percent on Wednesday.
  13. soda taxes
    Voters Decisively Passed Soda Taxes in 4 More U.S. CitiesSugary drinks took a big hit in the Bay Area and Boulder.
  14. news you can booze
    Poll Precinct Refused to Let Woman Vote in Her ‘Wine Party’ ShirtVolunteers told her that promoting a political party is against Georgia law.
  15. 2016 election
    Here Are Celebrity Chefs Coping Badly With News of Trump’s PresidencyPlease don’t leave for North Korea, David Chang.
  16. news you can booze
    How Corona Could Benefit From a Potential Trump LossHis defeat could make Mexican beer even greater.
  17. sad!
    A Texas Restaurant Changed Its Name to ‘Trump Cafe’ Ahead of the ElectionIts new menu offers only “American, Trump-themed” foods.
  18. bitter brew
    Yuengling Facing Instant Boycott After Owner Decides to Back Trump“We need him in there,” the billionaire beer baron says.
  19. 2016 election
    Chef José Andrés Has Joined Hillary Clinton on the Campaign Trail“Let’s elect a leader who knows everybody belongs.”
  20. labor fights
    Group Wants to Build ‘Wall of Tacos’ Outside Trump’s Vegas HotelThe tasty protest is meant to remind him immigrant workers “will be watching the debate.”
  21. news you can booze
    Mexico City Brewery Fools Trump Supporters Into Funding a PartyBy way of some cleverly designed T-shirts.
  22. it’s with her
    Check Out This Burger Shop’s Massive Hillary Clinton MuralD.C.’s Z-Burger has made a rather conspicuous 2016 endorsement.
  23. the chain gang
    A Taco Bell Franchisees PAC Gave the Max Donation to Trump’s CampaignMaybe this was the fast-food enthusiast’s secret plan all along.
  24. Voter Rights
    Ben & Jerry’s ‘Empower Mint’ Gets Political“We all deserve an equal serving of democracy.”
  25. The Chain Gang
    Starbucks Is Doing Everything It Can to Make Sure Its Employees VoteThe chain built a special website that helps them register.