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12 Year Old Critic

  1. Kids’ Menu
    Is Dustin Hoffman Taking Tips From the 12-Year-Old Critic?The actor was spotted in one of David Fishman’s favorite spots.
  2. Trends
    Schrambling: Stop Kidding Around in the KitchenIn a Slate article, foodie grumpus Regina Schrambling puts her finger on exactly why the kiddie foodie trend is so annoying.
  3. Kids’ Menu
    Twelve-Year-Old Critic Unleashed at Le Bernardin’GQ’ reviewer Alan Richman takes him to the John Dory, too.
  4. Le Scandale
    Breaking Scandal: Kid Critic Caught Fraternizing With David BurkeHe gives davidburke & donatella 25 out of 25 stars on the ‘Early Show.’