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100 Montaditos

  1. Bankruptcy
    Sandwich Import 100 Montaditos Is Actually BankruptThe chain has canceled plans to open 29 more locations in New York.
  2. Freebies
    100 Montaditos Will Give Away Free Sandwiches TomorrowAnd they have more than 100 of them to hand out.
  3. Expandwiches
    100 Montaditos Plans 30 More NYC ShopsSo, really more like 3,000 montaditos.
  4. Openings
    NYC’s First 100 Montaditos Opens FridayHow about a mashup of a Philly cheesesteak and a chorizo sandwich?
  5. Closings
    Spanish Fast-Food Chain 100 Montaditos Replacing 56-Year-Old Pizza BoxIt’s the first of many for the chain.