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  1. The Grub Street Diet
    Chef George Mendes Eats Cured Ham on a Daily Basis“I’m obsessed with any cured pork product — period.”
  2. Lawsuits
    Tom Colicchio’s ’wichcraft Hit With Class-Action Labor LawsuitFormer employees call the celeb chef’s chain a sexist boys’ club.
  3. The Grub Street Diet
    Jenny Mollen Orders Off-Menu Schnitzel and Plenty of Pork Buns“I decide in that moment that I am now Frank Bruni.”
  4. Crime
    Tom Colicchio’s ’Wichcraft Reveals Details of Two-Month-LongCheck your statements carefully if you love grilled cheese.
  5. Baby It’s Sort Of Cold Outside
    ’Wichcraft’s Bryant Park Grilled-Cheese-and-Soup Kiosk Opens TodayTomato soup and melted provolone: done.
  6. Coming Later
    News of Craft’s Brooklyn Expansion Has Been Greatly ExaggeratedDespite a real-estate rendering, one of ‘wichcraft’s partners says there’s no deal in place for a Brooklyn expansion.
  7. Leftovers
    Nitehawk’s Oscar Menu; Marea’s Now Serving Saturday LunchPlus: New sandwiches at ‘wichcraft, Danny Meyer’s wine auction, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  8. Beef
    Colicchio’s People Force Noe Valley Bar Crafthouse to TakeIt will now be named Caskhouse, and has yet to open.
  9. Eat Well
    Eat Well: Pumpkins and PastaPlus: a classy Halloween party, superspicy Thai, and more in this week’s roundup of healthy food around town.
  10. Free!!!!!!!
    Free Hot Chocolate Today at the Bryant Park ’wichcraftFour flavors are available to sample.
  11. Neighborhood Watch
    Macanese Barbecue Nights at Macao; Get Bubbly at Corkbuzz’s Sparkling WinePlus: Joe’s Bar to return in EV; Momofuku unveils new flavors.
  12. Openings
    ‘Wichcraft Checks In to the New York Public Library TomorrowTom Colicchio’s sandwich chain will open two carts inside the library’s main branch.
  13. Neighborhood Watch
    Benefit Concert Tonight for D.J. Jonathan Toubin; Brunch Ramps up at Nights &Plus: Fire at ‘Lil Frankies, further latke madness, and more neighborhood news.
  14. Deals and Steals
    Five-Dollar-Lunch Red AlertCer Te has a local lasagna special too.
  15. Neighborhood Watch
    Compass Closes to Make Way for Loi; Greenmarket Invites You to Its BirthdayPlus: Oktoberfest, a culinary revolution, and more, in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  16. Neighborhood Watch
    Happy Hour at No. 7; ‘A Toast to Ray’ at d.b.a. BrooklynPlus: BLTs return to ‘wichcraft, Bareburger opens in Brooklyn, and more, in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  17. Neighborhood Watch
    Craftails Is Back Tonight; JBF Chefs and Champagne Event in SagaponackPlus, a new happy-hour deal at August, and more, in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  18. Neighborhood Watch
    Blueprint Cocktail Bar Open in Park Slope; Fatty Crew’s Pullcart inPlus: BBQ in Brooklyn and more in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  19. Crises
    This Global Food Crisis Is Still a Bummer for Grub Street’s LunchBut at least we can get our Hoomoos Asli Health Sandwich now, even if it does come with a $2 “eggplant surcharge.”
  20. Menu Changes
    Hey, ‘wichcraft Has Some New Sandwiches You GuysThe menu now has seven new seasonal sandwiches and six new salads.
  21. Neighborhood Watch
    ’Wichcraft’s Hot-Chocolate Kiosk; Pop-Tarts World Goes DarkPlus: Pranna offers Spicy Sunday menu, El Cobre serves brunch, and more, in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  22. Openings
    First Look at Riverpark, Breaking New Ground in City Planning and Water-ViewFusty menus and nautical kitsch too often accompany sweeping water views, but that’s not the case at Riverpark, Tom Colicchio’s seriously soigné new restaurant.
  23. Neighborhood Watch
    Two-for-One Cocktails at the Pearl Room; ’Wichcraft’sPlus: Tri-Tip Grill’s $19.95 family special, and Hearth offers prix fixe pig dinners, in our daily roundup of neighborhood food news.
  24. Neighborhood Watch
    ’Wichcraft Hosts a Free Cookout; Beacon Launches Lunchtime Pop-UpPlus: Bastille Day at Bouchon Bakery, and a noodle bar moves to Park Slope, in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  25. Openings
    Colicchio Plans Riverside Restaurant for FallOutdoor seating and views of the East River.
  26. Neighborhood Watch
    Rock-Star Baristas at Bluebird; Dollar Fried Chicken at Rudy’sPlus: a new roof for a restaurant in Cobble Hill, and Milk Bar keeps the noise down, in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  27. Neighborhood Watch
    Matsuri Celebrates the Phallus; Empire Room DebutsPlus: new Italian food in Greenpoint and free creamwiches from ‘wichcraft, all in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  28. Openings
    ’Wichcraft Swoops Into Lincoln CenterThe newest location features evening snacks and a full bar.
  29. Empire Building
    Colicchio Conquers High Line: ’wichcraft and Craftsteak Set Up ShopA new stand is selling everything from soup and sandwiches to (later on) cider and doughnuts.
  30. Tom Tom Club
    Tom Colicchio Crafts His Second SonTom Colicchio debuts the new Luka Bodhi.
  31. Celebrity Settings
    America Ferrera and Morgan Freeman Go to Fishtail, Stevie Wonder Leaves $1,000And more in our weekly celebrity-foodie roundup.
  32. Hours of Operation
    Lunch Break at Bryant ParkGet a drink or a snack from noon to 9 p.m. most days.
  33. Trends
    Grub Street Timeline: The Month We Went Mad for MeatballsIn June, meatballs took center stage.
  34. Openings
    New York Sun (!) Reports From the Bryant Park PorchThe sun is shining in Bryant Park and the New York ‘Sun’ is back.
  35. The Great Outdoors
    ’Wichcraft’s Bryant Park Pop-up Will Be Open to AllStarting Friday, meatball and soft-shell-crab sandwiches in a porch swing.
  36. Openings
    Dinner Service at ’wichcraft Begins TonightAnother inexpensive dinner option from Tom Colicchio and Co.
  37. Lists
    Grub Street Investigation: What Are the Best- and Worst-Selling RestaurantHow’s Tom Colicchio’s new cookbook doing, and do people really buy these things in general? We crunch the numbers.
  38. Colicchio Vision
    Colicchio Releases Sandwich CookbookRecipes from ’wichcraft, just in time for the recession.
  39. Mediavore
    A New Name for Buddha Bar; Culinary Giant Gaston Lenôtre DiesPlus: Sullivan St. treats at ‘wichcraft, and free ceviche at Desnuda, all in our morning news roundup.
  40. ColicchioVision
    Food Costs Worry Colicchio, But Craft ‘Ready For Recession’The ‘Top Chef’ judge explains how to eat for less at Craft.
  41. Openings
    Colicchio Opens Two New ’Wichcrafts: Small Potatoes?Bigger news may lie ahead.
  42. Top Chef
    Tom Tom ClubTom Colicchio will appear on Martha Stewart’s radio show and open a new ‘wichcraft in Herald Square.
  43. The New York Diet
    Celebrity Stylist David Evangelista Chews His Way Through Fashion Week and theThe onetime ‘Iron Chef’ judge says he has the best protein shake recipe ever. He likes real food, too!
  44. NewsFeed
    Flatiron ’Wichcraft Adds Beer and a Roof DeckThings just get better and better at Tom Colicchio’s sammy chain.
  45. Trimmings
    ’Wichcraft Asks, ‘How You Like Them Heirloom Tomatoes?’ Last week ’wichcraft jumped on the know-where-your-food-comes-from bandwagon by replacing the plain ol’ numbers on its “table cards” (doled out to customers so servers can locate them) with semi-campy descriptions of how its food is sourced. We’re glad we can now bite into a BLT (served only during “BLT season”) knowing that the applewood-smoked bacon was custom-made by D’Artagnan and the Ozark Mountain Pork Cooperative, and the heirloom tomatoes come from Eckerton Hill Farm in Pennsylvania. As you can see by reading the cards, there are other fun facts: The pastrami comes from the West Coast (via David’s Old World), the jelly is made from “greenmarket fruit that [our chef] just can’t resist,” and the tuna comes from our own Primizie Foods (hence mercury levels “so low they’re often untraceable”). One quibble: What’s up with referring to “soda” as “pop”? Did Jersey boy Colicchio pick this up from Danny Meyer when he was at Gramercy Tavern? ’wichcraft table cards [PDF]
  46. NewsFeed
    Carb Lovers Now Have Liquid Options at ’Wichcraft, TooWhat could make ’wichcraft’s pork-and-coppa sandwich even better? Beer! And that’s just what the East 8th Street location is serving as of last Friday. Beer and wine are slated to come to the Tribeca location this Saturday, to the Fifth Avenue location a week or two after that, and to the Flatiron location in the near future. And this being a Colicchio production, we’re not talking about Bud and boxed wine.
  47. Neighborhood Watch
    Green Coke in the Bronx a Good Thing; Eat a ‘wichcraft Sandwich, Save theAstoria: New Mexican restaurant Luna de Juarez at 25-98 Steinway is ready to be sampled. [Joey in Astoria] Bronx: Coca-Cola’s added a handful of hybrid-electric trucks to its 90-vehicle delivery fleet based in the South Bronx. [NYP] Cobble Hill: Sahadi’s has put up a new sign, possibly in preparation for the onslaught of Trader Joe’s. [Lost City] East Village: A sushi bar called Nori will refill the Hip-Hop-Chow space on Second Avenue in hopes that this more banal concept will survive in the space for more than a few months. [Eater] Meatpacking District: Paparazzi aren’t the only ones not allowed to photograph the hallowed spaces of Socialista; civilians were hampered from shooting as well. [Down by the Hipster] Rockefeller Center: An eggplant sandwich “invented by three teenagers from New York City who spent a summer learning about the food business as part of a program connected to the Fresh Air Fund” (which will also snag some of the proceeds) has been added to the menu of ’wichcraft’s newest location at 1 Rockefeller Plaza near 50th Street and will be available at ten other locations by next week. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]
  48. Foodievents
    Pastry Royalty Performs at SweetThe city’s top dessert chefs, from Johnny Iuzzini on down, delighted deep-pocketed foodies with their signature confections at Sweet on Friday night. Evian and Ferro Rocher flexed their marketing muscle, dispatching well-formed young people in tight clothes to represent their not especially sexy brands. The pastry aristocracy (Goldfarb, Iuzzini, and Stupak) were all present and accounted for, standing proudly behind space-age-looking creations that tasted even better than they looked. (Only Sam Mason wasn’t around, as someone had to man the stoves at Tailor.) At first we were sort of alarmed: There were obviously many more guests than had originally been intended, for the long, narrow, space, but since cake isn’t combustible, it all seemed safe enough. A body can only take so much chocolate ganache, Champagne, and high-powered pastry cooks crammed into one hall.
  49. In the Magazine
    It’s August, and the Eating’s Easy It’s August, cheap-eats time, when you should be gobbling down raw artichokes, Cuban sandwiches, tapas, and pasta. It’s time to chill out, in other words. And that’s the idea behind this week’s food coverage.
  50. Mediavore
    ‘Wichcraft Awarded Top NYC Honors; Shake Shack DefendedRegional-food gurus Jane and Michael Stern say that their favorite New York sandwich is … the bacon, egg, and gorgonzola from ‘wichcraft. [NYDN] One of New York’s top burger experts evaluates Steve Cuozzo’s takedown of Shake Shack in the Post, taking issue with key points in the article. [AHT] Chef Michael Schulson is said, in an unconfirmed report, to be leaving Buddakan. [Eater]
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