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  1. Top Chef
    Top Chef Finale Detonates in Our MouthIt’s a family feud (plus Kevin) for the final challenge.
  2. Top Chef
    Top Chef: Straight Outta NapaIn the first half of the finale, cheftestants turn to grapes for solace in Wine Country.
  3. Top Chef
    Culinary OlympicsThe cheftestants re-create the Bocuse d’Or.
  4. Top Chef
    Top Chef: Sh*t on a Shingle, and Other DelightsMichael screams at Robin, Eli goes to the circus, and more.
  5. Top Chef
    This Is Top Chef, Not Top Leek Scallop!What is it with Top Chef, elfin starlets, and picky eating?
  6. Top Chef
    Top Chef: Mission Aborted!Top Chef started off all Real World but quickly went Hell’s Kitchen.
  7. Top Chef
    Top Chef Gets Funky, HairyCharlie “American Icon” Palmer judges his former employees, the Brothers Voltaggio. How is that fair?
  8. Top Chef
    Top Chef: Salty Gnocchi and Salty TearsPadma was not pleased.
  9. Top Chef
    Top Chef: Magically Delicious!For the Elim-lim, Penn and Teller, the duo known for “deconstructing” magic tricks, called upon the cheftestants to deconstruct classic dishes drawn at random.
  10. Top Chef
    Top Chef: Feel the LoveLast night the chefs said howdy-do to Tim “He’s a Cowboy, on a Steel Spatula He Rides” Love.
  11. Top Chef
    Top Chef: France, Baby, France!Daniel “One of the Baddest Mother[bleep]ers” Boulud asks the cheftestants to feed him something he has never tasted before, using escargot.
  12. Top Chef
    Top Chef Gets KP DutyThe cheftestants face a court-martial.
  13. Top Chef
    Top Chef: Michael Introduces Us to Nitro Gazpacho (Again)The cheftestants roll the dice with Todd English.
  14. Top Chef
    Odds Are, Top Chef: Vegas Is Going to Be a Good OneWhat’s up with Padma’s sexy-raspy voice, and who’s going to be the biggest douche bag?