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  1. Overnights
    Top Chef Masters Recap: The Gloves Come OffWith five cheftestants remaining, the competition heads to the boxing ring.
  2. Overnights
    Top Chef Recap: It’s Not Always the Best Chef Who Makes It to theThis week’s episode set a new record for fighting.
  3. Overnights
    Top Chef Masters Recap: Put a Ring on It“This is poignant and makes me want to throw up in my mouth.”
  4. Overnights
    Episode 7“I feel like a preteen girl defending Justin Bieber, or a balding alcoholic defending Charlie Sheen.”
  5. Overnights
    Top Chef Recap: A Thumb in the EyeRestaurant Wars!
  6. Top Chef
    Top Chef Recap: Give Peas a ChanceDid Alex make a power play during ‘Power Lunch’ and steal Ed’s pea purée?
  7. Top Chef
    Top Chef Masters: Parking-Lot Pizza’s No GoodThe six remaining chefs face off in a tailgating challenge.
  8. Top Chef
    Top Chef: Salty Gnocchi and Salty TearsPadma was not pleased.
  9. Top Chef
    Champions Round BeginsA recap of last night’s episode.
  10. Top Chef
    Top Chef: Adam Platt Misses Gail, Sees a Horror Show AheadLast night’s episode: Ham-fisted product placements, insipid background music, and forced bon mots.
  11. Back of the House
    Adam Platt Sees ‘Top Chef’ Slowly UnravelingJohnny Iuzzini and random improvisations make for an especially bizarre Top Chef episode.
  12. Back of the House
    Platt Stands Up for the Latest ‘Top Chef’ Non-WinnerPadma lies and tells the contestants that they’re going to go out clubbing.