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  1. Overnights
    Top Chef Masters Finale Recap: Playing With HeartBow down to the new Top Chef Master.
  2. Overnights
    Top Chef Recap: There’s Nothing Quite Like Restaurant WarsThey could really rename this show ‘Top Ego.’
  3. Overnights
    Top Chef Masters Recap: Then We Came to the EndTo the show’s credit, the winning chef was something of a surprise, but nothing controversial happened, nothing that will be discussed at the water cooler today.
  4. Overnights
    Top Chef Recap: Elmo Said My Cookie Looks Like Sh-tThe Muppets took a vacation from ‘Sesame Street’ to visit the chefs.
  5. Top Chef
    Top Chef Recap: The Most Nightmarish Mystery-Box Challenge EverMystery ingredients galore and a trip to the CIA trip up the cheftestants.
  6. Top Chef
    Top Chef Masters: Kitchen’s ClosedSay hello to the new Top Chef Master.
  7. Top Chef
    This Is Top Chef, Not Top Leek Scallop!What is it with Top Chef, elfin starlets, and picky eating?
  8. Top Chef
    Super Bowl Chef ShowdownPlatt chats about last night’s football-themed episode.
  9. Back of the House
    Adam Platt Has No Idea Who Sam Talbot IsLast night’s ‘Top Chef’ featured loathing and injustice of a sort so disturbing that only commiseration with Adam Platt could help.
  10. Back of the House
    Adam Platt Finally Gets His WishThe inevitable finally occurred on last night’s Top Chef.