1. Celebrity Settings
    Justin Timberlake Drinks at Bandit’s Roost; Taylor Swift Celebrates HerThis week’s Celebrity Settings.
  2. Celebrity Settings
    Where Taylor Swift Eats LunchThis week’s Celebrity Settings.
  3. Celebrity Settings
    Gwyneth Paltrow at Bar PrimiThis week’s Celebrity Settings.
  4. Celebrity Settings
    Jaden and Willow Smith Philosophize at Il Mulino Prime; Drew Barrymore Takes inThis week’s Celebrity Settings.
  5. Grub Guides
    The Poor Planner’s Last-Minute Guide to Thanksgiving in New YorkFifteen options to ensure you’ll be able to feast accordingly on Turkey Day.
  6. Celebrity Settings
    Where Robert Pattinson PartiesThis week’s Celebrity Settings.
  7. Influencers
    Legacies: Iconic Chefs Remember wd~50’s Most Influential DishesA look back from David Chang, Daniel Patterson, René Redzepi, and more.
  8. Crop the Vote
    A Record $20 Million Helped Kill 2 Major GMO Labeling Plans This WeekThere’s some good news out of Hawaii, though.
  9. Celebrity Settings
    Jon Hamm Eats Gluten-Free; Gigi Hadid Tries UplandThis week’s Celebrity Settings.
  10. Quick Takes
    What Do College Students Think of Whole Foods’ New Fresh Ramen Kits?“I felt so guilty throwing it away.”
  11. Celebrity Settings
    Jerry Seinfeld Gets Rib Eye at Old Homestead; Rihanna Opts for Da SilvanoThis week’s Celebrity Settings.
  12. Grub Guides
    12 Great Marathon-Related Food and Drink DealsA dozen offers you can take advantage of, whether you’re running or just watching.
  13. Beef
    Cronut King Dominique Ansel Defends His CroissantsIn fact, he doesn’t seem too concerned at all with the haters.
  14. Celebrity Settings
    Kristen Wiig at Locanda VerdeThis week’s Celebrity Settings.
  15. Celebrity Settings
    Kate Mara Grabs Coffee at La Colombe; Mindy Kaling and Malcolm Gladwell Party atThis week’s Celebrity Settings.
  16. Celebrity Settings
    Jaden Smith and Kendall Jenner Dine at Il Mulino Prime; Liv Tyler Tries to SaveThis week’s Celebrity Settings.
  17. Grub Guides
    White Truffles on the Cheap(ish): 9 Luxury Specials for $50 or LessAt Betony, Locanda Verde, and Rosemary’s.
  18. Celebrity Settings
    Jake Gyllenhaal Does Brunch at Landmarc; Oprah Dines at ABC CocinaThis week’s Celebrity Settings.
  19. Grub Guides
    15 New York Restaurants Where Brunch Is Obscenely ExpensiveTurns out the new $95 brunch at the Rainbow Room won’t be Manhattan’s most expensive eggs.
  20. Celebrity Settings
    Hillary Clinton Fund-raises at ACME; Leonardo DiCaprio Parties at Space IbizaThis week’s Celebrity Settings.
  21. Grub Guides
    10 Excellent Places to Get Apple-Cider Doughnuts in NYC, Without the DriveThe Cinnamon Snail, Babycakes, Doughnuttery, and lots more.
  22. Celebrity Settings
    Neil Patrick Harris Lunches at Landmarc; SJP Dines at AcmeThis week’s Celebrity Settings.
  23. Grub Guides
    Scottish Bars Where You Can Watch Tonight’s Referendum Voting ResultsIncluding Highlands and St. Andrews.
  24. Celebrity Settings
    The Beckhams Party at Salvation Taco; Madonna Dines at ScarpettaThis week’s Celebrity Settings.
  25. Grub Guides
    America Hits the Pumpkin-Spice Saturation PointEnglish muffins, Jell-O, seltzer, and more.