Tammie Teclemariam

Underground Gourmet columnist, New York Magazine

Tammie Teclemariam is New York Magazine’s first-ever diner-at-large and the author of the “Year I Ate New York” column and newsletter. Prior to that she studied pastry and wine in France.

  1. the underground gourmet
    A New Spot for Some Time-Honored PastramiMoe’s Pastrami & Burger is an unlikely delicatessen.
  2. the underground gourmet
    The Green-Mango Martini Is Too Special to Be the Drink of the SummerA fabulous drink that can only be found at one East Village bar.
  3. the underground gourmet
    A TikTok-Famous Pastry That’s Worth the Trip to Staten IslandThe burek at Blend’s Bakery has become an unlikely social-media sensation.
  4. the underground gourmet
    This Is the Most Complicated Dessert in New YorkIt’s got 18 individual components and takes ten minutes to assemble.
  5. the underground gourmet
    A Perfect Restaurant for a Sunday NightC as in Charlie helps to ease the transition into the workweek.
  6. the grub street diet
    Matt James Can’t Resist the Hot Hoagie“I loaded that thing up with pepperjack cheese, mayo, salt, pepper, spinach, parmesan, and bacon.”
  7. the underground gourmet
    Bananas Are About to Become Summer’s Hottest FlavorPeel and eat.
  8. the underground gourmet
    Let the Bread Be FreeWhen charging extra is the norm, some complimentary focaccia is a nice surprise.
  9. the underground gourmet
    Why Is Turbot Suddenly Everywhere?The flat fish was once impossibly rare and expensive. Now it’s popping up on menus all over town.
  10. the underground gourmet
    The Composed Beauty of a Big-Ass SaladDitch the clamshells during your next lunch hour.
  11. the underground gourmet
    A New Tasting Counter Makes the Case for Fine DiningThe Tokyo import House lands in Greenpoint.
  12. openings
    Wylie Dufresne Will Open a New PizzeriaExpect carbonated negronis, hot-honey soft-serve, and egg-yolk pies at Stretch Pizza.
  13. the underground gourmet
    You Need to Eat This GnocchiBar Mario is a month old. It’s already Red Hook’s most lived-in trattoria.
  14. the underground gourmet
    What to Eat at Flushing’s New Tangram Food HallCaviar canapés, corn dogs, and the world’s biggest spring rolls, to start.
  15. the underground gourmet
    The Kebab Chain Poised to Shake Up New York’s Doner SceneHow does German Doner Kebab measure up against the city’s best?
  16. the underground gourmet
    A Tasting Menu That Ends With Plenty of LeftoversBird Dog offers the most useful luxury of all.
  17. the underground gourmet
    Italian Beef So Good You’ll Forget About The BearThe sandwiches at Bobbi’s stand out on their own terms.
  18. the underground gourmet
    Now Is the Time for Trini RotiThe Caribbean staple is a perfect midwinter lunch.
  19. conversations
    The Rush to Call Fine Dining’s DeathDoes Noma’s closing announcement really mean other restaurants are doomed?
  20. the underground gourmet
    Where to Find the City’s Best New SoupElaborate broth is back.
  21. year in review
    The Best (and Worst) of the Year I Ate New YorkTammie Teclemariam looks back on a very filling assignment.
  22. the year i ate new york
    How Do You End a Year Like This?As with many of life’s big questions, the answer turns out to be “panettone.”
  23. the year i ate new york
    Night One at the New TorrisiMajor Food Group grows. Again.
  24. the year i ate new york
    Chocolate and Cheese in the BronxA post-Thanksgiving trip to Chocobar Cortes.
  25. profile
    Scarr’s Pizza Is Expanding — and Adding a Sushi CounterHow Scarr Pimentel became Orchard Street royalty.
  26. the year i ate new york
    Where to Watch the World CupOur diner-at-large goes looking for that perfect 5 a.m. sports bar.
  27. the year i ate new york
    Detours and Seafood in Jackson HeightsWhat to do when a food pilgrimage doesn’t go as planned.
  28. the year i ate new york
    Our Diner-at-Large’s New Favorite RestaurantAt Syko, stock up on meze while you grab a bulgogi fatboy for the road.
  29. the year i ate new york
    New York Restaurants Have a Pacing ProblemWhen shared courses collide with hurried turn times.
  30. the year i ate new york
    Where to Find Itameshi Cooking in New YorkJapanese, Italian style.
  31. the year i ate new york
    How Is Rockefeller Center’s Transformation to a Dining Destination Coming?Checking up on Tishman Speyer’s plans for midtown dinner domination.
  32. the year i ate new york
    S&P Is a Worthy Successor to Eisenberg’s“A tuna melt here is like a grand soufflé at La Caravelle.”
  33. the year i ate new york
    What Does Wellness Taste Like?Our diner-at-large goes in search of some good food.
  34. the year i ate new york
    Who Are All These People Eating on DeKalb?It might be the most confusingly busy restaurant stretch in the city.
  35. the year i ate new york
    What’s Wrong With Cocktails Right Now?Bartenders and drinkers both seem a bit bored.
  36. the year i ate new york
    Pretending to Vacation in BushwickReliving my early 20s during the last unofficial week of summer.
  37. the year i ate new york
    Where to Eat (or Get a Massage) in FlushingIf you’re taking the train to watch the U.S. Open, you may as well have a decent meal too.
  38. the year i ate new york
    Should New Yorkers Actually Go to the Seaport?Checking in on Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s new megamarket, the Tin Building.
  39. the year i ate new york
    Can New York’s Hotels Make Breakfast Important Again?Our late-rising diner-at-large gets up for some new spreads.
  40. the year i ate new york
    Not All Culinary Journeys Can End in SuccessSometimes you travel for a dish with a perfect online rating — and then you have to take your L in stride.
  41. the year i ate new york
    Swimming With the Regulars at MareaAn extravagant weeknight meal where everyone seems to know each other.
  42. the year i ate new york
    Who Makes the Best Chicken Caesar Wrap in New York?LunchTok inspires our diner-at-large to find the answer.
  43. the year i ate new york
    Where to Eat Ice Cream Right NowNine under-the-radar scoops that I can’t stop thinking about.
  44. the year i ate new york
    Is LaRina the Perfect Neighborhood Italian Restaurant?You know a restaurant is going to be good when you’re the only person who’s speaking English.
  45. the year i ate new york
    Where to Find Not-So-Hidden Jazz in Midtown EastDoes anyone go north of 40th Street after 9 p.m.?
  46. the year i ate new york
    How I Celebrated My James Beard AwardLuxury Cheetos, a stop in Ohio, and three perfect diner tacos.
  47. the year i ate new york
    The Dirty Shirley Won’t Save UsOur diner-at-large visits a very cool bar where nothing seems to matter.
  48. the year i ate new york
    I’ve Eaten at 200 Different Restaurants This Year. Here’s What I’ve Learned.100 tips from our diner-at-large.
  49. the year i ate new york
    Cannolis and Coconut Nutcrackers on Fort Tilden BeachHow our diner-at-large celebrates a long weekend.
  50. the year i ate new york
    My New Favorite Sushi CounterA secret omakase at an impressive value.
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