Randi Eichenbaum

  1. Food TV
    Padma, Trotter, and Hesser Dissect Food TV“Nobody who watches football expects to exercise more.”
  2. Cookbooks
    Alice Waters Worries for Wal-Mart FarmersThe mother of slow food visits Brooklyn to discuss her new book.
  3. Chef Love Fest
    Rachael Ray Crashes Batali-Chang Talk at the StrandDuring the Q&A session, the trio discussed food-smuggling strategies.
  4. New York Wine and Food Festival
    Debriefing Frank BruniThe former ‘Times’ critic discusses eating out as a civilian and why Brooklyn will never get a four-star restaurant.
  5. Closings
    Lassi Will Close But Hopes to Make a ComebackAccording to owner Heather Carlucci-Rodriguez, the landlord is a “schmuck.”
  6. Community Boards
    The Mott Tries to Get on the Neighborhood’s Good SideBut are they playing fast and loose with BYOB laws?
  7. Openings
    A Caribbean Restaurant Gained, Another One LostPlus, the designers of the Box are prepping a French restaurant for Smith Street.
  8. Coffee Wars
    Café Grumpy Will Start Roasting Their OwnSoon, Abraço won’t be the only coffee bar roasting in Greenpoint.
  9. Back of the House
    Industry Comedy Show Suffers From Lack of Industry JokesBut Sarah Baron gets a little less coy about identifying the diners that stiffed her at Otto.
  10. Openings
    Josephine’s Plans to Serve ‘Killer Brunch’ in Tasting RoomLet’s hope, since the waits at nearby Café Habana and Café Colonial can be pretty much unbearable.
  11. Community Boards
    CB2 Report: Sam Talbot and New Gansevoort Lounge Prevail, Lusardi Brother Not SoPlus, new projects from the owners of Le Pescadou, La Pera, Fiddlesticks, and more.
  12. Community Boards
    Le Souk Still Fighting for Liquor; Bowery Veselka Greenlighted by CB3Plus, a mescal-infused cultural institution and a new location of Antibes Bistro, in our report from last night’s Community Board meeting.
  13. Padma-nia
    Padma Lakshmi’s Food Demo a Little Easier Than ‘Top Chef’The ‘Top Chef’ host dishes on her favorite dish so far this season.
  14. Don’t Call It a Comeback
    Florent May Get Back Into the Restaurant GameWe caught up with the restaurateur turned memoirist.
  15. Community Boards
    CB4 Shoots Down Noah Tepperberg, Blesses New Burger RooftopWill the Marquee honcho be going forward with his plan to take over the Earth space?
  16. NIMBYs
    The Box Wins Over CB3; Welsh Bed and Breakfast Coming to LESPlus, the owners of Spice and Klimat faced opposition at last night’s CB3 meeting.
  17. Community Bored
    Neighbors Nervous About Meatpacking Noise; Bouley Gets Thumbs-up from CB2Also in our CB2 roundup: a liquor license for Alexandra and outdoor drinking at Soho Park, but no bar above Five Guys on Bleecker.
  18. Coffee Talk
    Zibetto Gets a House Blend and Another StarbucksWhile the new outpost is slated to open in a month, the original faces four coffee-chain competitors in a one-block radius.
  19. CB Report
    The Box Gets a Break, But Not MercaditoCB3 votes on Seymour Burton, Mercury Dime, and Dixon Place.
  20. Closings
    Queen’s Hideaway Will Close October 18So where will Liza Queen go next?
  21. Community Bored
    CB3 Snubs the Box, Mercury Dime, and Mercadito, Shows Some Love to SeymourSasha Petraske’s coffee shop may not be getting wine; E.U. looks good for outdoor booze.