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  1. recaps
    The Great British Baking Show Was Never Going to Save UsPerhaps we’ve been asking too much of Paul Hollywood and the gang.
  2. cooking
    It’s Time for FunfettiThis is not birthday cake or celebration cake. It’s cake because things are grim and it is a Wednesday.
  3. food politics
    Court’s Food-Stamp Ruling Is a Loss for Trump, a Win for Basic DecencyA federal judge has blocked the Trump administration’s plan to end SNAP benefits for nearly 700,000 unemployed Americans.
  4. recaps
    Even in the Great British Baking Show Tent, Things Have Gotten BadThe world is mired in problems of our own making. Why must it also be that way in the tent?
  5. closings
    Mourning the Restaurants I’ll Never Get to VisitEveryone has the list of places they’ll get to eventually. What happens when they all close?
  6. tips
    Please Don’t Do ThisA tip line is not the place to take an anti-mask stance.
  7. recaps
    It’s Bread Week in the Tent!And there are … rainbow bagels?
  8. delivery
    A New Delivery Service Offers Food for ThoughtGastronomy Underground dives into Mexico’s rich culinary history.
  9. cooking
    Le Creuset TikTok Is the Only Good Thing on the Internet“Lemme flex the Le Creuset gang real quick.”
  10. recaps
    Two Weeks in, Who Is the Favorite on Great British Baking Show?On the occasion of Biscuit Week 2020, we survey the emerging stars inside the tent.
  11. shopping
    Delivery Apps Are Ruining Grocery StoresShopping in a grocery store used to be fun; shopping in a grocery store that is now functionally a warehouse is definitively not.
  12. recaps
    The World Is Unthinkably Bleak. The Great British Baking Show Soldiers On.Yes of course everything is terrible, but on the other hand, Battenberg cake!
  13. pandemic eating
    New York’s Restaurant Owners Finally Get Some Good NewsA key piece of legislation that protects owners has been extended.
  14. reopening
    How New York’s Restaurants Are Preparing for the Return of Indoor Dining“Right now, it’s about survival.”
  15. street vendors
    The NYPD Is Still Ticketing Street Vendors After AllThe mayor’s June promises have yet to be fulfilled.
  16. reopening
    The Race Is On to Save Winter DiningDesperate times call for bold proposals.
  17. making do
    Quarantine Cooking Forced Me to Chill in the KitchenWhat happens when extreme attention to detail becomes dangerous?
  18. tipping
    Why Joe Biden’s Promise to End the Tipped Minimum Wage Is a Big DealIt’s a pledge to offer more equitable, living wages for America’s workers.
  19. openings
    Mel Bakery Opens With Heirloom Grains and Fresh-Milled FlourThe new bakery from bread master Nora Allen opens this weekend on the Lower East Side.
  20. reopening
    Can Anyone Really Solve New York City’s Indoor-Dining Problem?“At this point, I just need to know.”
  21. interviews
    His Restaurant Was Poised for National Acclaim. Then COVID Arrived.Why Ryan Santos is the rare chef who is in no rush to reopen.
  22. reopening
    A Car Ran Into an Outdoor Dining Setup Last NightSurprisingly, nobody was seriously hurt.
  23. awards
    The James Beard Awards Won’t Name Any Winners This YearThe foundation is also rethinking its 2021 awards.
  24. endings
    The Association of Food Journalists Is Shutting DownThe organization known for its annual awards and commendable code of ethics says it must dissolve for financial reasons.
  25. landlords
    Restaurants Need Rent Relief. Are ‘Recovery Leases’ the Answer?A new proposal aims to aid struggling small businesses.
  26. statements
    Chef David Kinch Withdraws His Name From This Year’s James Beard Awards“The idea of celebrating achievement … simply does not feel right.”
  27. cooking
    Hot Watermelon Is Unlikely. That Doesn’t Mean It’s Wrong.On the internet, watermelons are not simple slice-and-serve operations.
  28. other magazines
    Time Out New York Officially Ends Its Print EditionIn its prime, it was one of the city’s most accessible resources for food and restaurant advice.
  29. nothing is safe
    Please Throw Away Your OnionsThe humble staple ingredient has been linked to a massive salmonella outbreak.
  30. shopping
    The Joy of SourcingI craved adventure. I found preserved lemons.
  31. becoming a regular
    Would You Subscribe to a Restaurant?A bold proposal to rethink the way we pay for food — and it comes from Panera?
  32. interviews
    Can the No-Tipping Movement Survive?Tip-free restaurants are more equitable and better for customers, but they’re in danger of disappearing.
  33. shopping
    Costco Still Doesn’t Trust America With Its Sheet CakesAt least 601 Americans, however, want them back.
  34. groceries
    Red Hook Will Get to Keep Its Biggest Grocery Store After AllThe new buyer sounds better than Fairway, too.
  35. cooking
    Life After SourdoughWhat are we going to do now?
  36. drinks
    No, Cuomo Has Not Banned To-Go CocktailsYou can still get a drink to go, but now you really have to go.
  37. experts
    Everything You Need to Know About Eating Moldy Food“When the spores find their way to a jelly or a jam that’s not stored well, they’re really happy.”
  38. food delivery
    Is the Uber-Postmates Deal Good for Restaurants?Operators tell Grub Street: It’s complicated.
  39. reopening
    Can New York’s Restaurants Survive on Outdoor Dining Alone?Owners are scrambling as they make just a fraction of what they need to stay in business.
  40. phase two
    How a Restaurant ReopensBefore customers arrive, a million decisions must get made.
  41. the great outdoors
    How to Picnic Now, According to Experts“Picnics are the restaurants of COVID.”
  42. reopening
    NYC Restaurants Can Open for Outdoor Dining on Monday. Here’s How It Will Work.Phase two officially begins on Monday — and restaurants can reopen with outside dining.
  43. chains
    No, Shake Shack Did Not Intentionally Poison Police OfficersAn investigation was launched after NYPD officers fell sick.
  44. dad food
    Perhaps Your Dad Would Like a Batch of Cocktails?Better than a bag of whiskey stones.
  45. reopening
    New York’s Restaurants Are Going to Feel Weird for a WhileThe state has released official reopening guidelines for restaurants.
  46. protests
    Food Delivery Under CurfewRestaurant owners are moving quickly to keep their workers as safe as possible.
  47. food tv
    Where Can Food Travel Shows Take Us Now?Episodes shot even a few months ago feel like artifacts from another time.
  48. innovations
    I Want to Eat in the Weird French LampshadesIn fact, I am desperate to eat in the weird French lampshades.
  49. food we miss
    In Praise of the Walking CoffeeWalking doesn’t improve the taste of coffee, but coffee improves the experience of being in the world.
  50. faqs
    How to Cook With ShallotsYour pantry’s most controversial ingredient is also delicious!
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