1. Department of Deportment
    Are Restaurants Responsible for Your Food Allergies?The current surge of food intolerances puts restaurants in a tricky spot, and they shouldn’t have to deal with them if they don’t want to.
  2. Etiquette
    In Defense of Dining With ChildrenAs kids are banned in restaurants, the childless cheer and parents groan. But the whole debate is framed as a false choice between a civilized evening and kids running amok.
  3. Deportment
    Scruffy Chic: The New Rules for Dining OutPhoebe Damrosch on why today’s reformed restaurant landscape requires a whole new approach to going out.
  4. Oh Snap!
    Shutter: Let’s Talk About Taking Pictures in RestaurantsPhoebe Damrosch lays some ground rules for the latest restaurant-dining irritant.