1. In Praise of the Deli
    What It Takes to Cut the Coveted Legendary Pastrami at Katz’s“They used to sharpen a knife for you, and you have, like, an older Russian or an older Jewish guy standing over you.”
  2. Interviews
    Jonathan Gold on His New Movie“Can you imagine me being Guy Fieri?”
  3. Meat Markets
    Meet Your Meat: 4 Live Markets That Remind You What You’re Eating“You come here and see this chicken was walking around half an hour ago, you are going to make sure you don’t mess it up. It resensitizes people.”
  4. Food on Film
    How Much Did the Chef Cast Actually Learn About Cooking While Making the“I chopped, I brined the bacon for the hamburger, I chopped morels, rhubarb, I did all that stuff.”
  5. Nightlife
    Milk & Honey Drops Reservation Policy, Introduces ‘Joni MitchellSasha Petraske has some changes planned for the 23rd Street bar.
  6. Interviews
    Sasha Petraske and Dale DeGroff on Trashy Cocktails and Excellent Long Island“I make a really good one. I know everyone poo-poos the Long Island iced tea, but I think they are awesome.”
  7. Interviews
    Questlove on Instagramming Jiro Ono’s Food, While Hating People Who Don’t“I accidentally saw Jiro’s movie because the movie I initially wanted to see was sold out.”
  8. Coming Soon
    Beasts of the Southern Wild Star Will Open His Harlem Bakery This Spring“They plan to have Mr. Henry’s bakery everywhere there’s Nobu, and there’s Nobus all over the country.”
  9. Deliver Us
    That Delivery-Only Restaurant, Savory, Is Launching Two New ConceptsThe restaurant group is adding Mexican and veggie-centric grub.
  10. Quote of the Day
    Heidi Klum Goes Cheetos-ChicAnd Michael Kors has Cheetos face.
  11. Sweet Dreams
    Beauty-Pageant Hopeful Staging Bedford Avenue Bake SalesMiss New York USA contestant Victoria Adler makes a mean cupcake.
  12. The Waiting Game
    Questlove Dreams of Food Trucks, Seeks Advice From Mario BataliThough rumors of a food truck have been quashed before, Quest was chatting them up with Grub Street Sunday.
  13. Interviews
    Mario Batali on The Chew, New Fall Restaurants, and Getting RippedMolto Mario talks to Grub on the eve of his new show’s big debut.
  14. Closings
    Lipton, Lapham, Talese, and Others Have One Last Drink at Elaine’sOur report from outside the packed send-off last night.