1. Hot Diggity Dog!
    Turns Out the Hot Dog Has a Legal Definition in L.A.Behold the definition of a wiener.
  2. Video Feed
    Watch These Brooklyn Guys Time-Travel to an 1860s-Era New York SaloonShouldn’t there be more communicable diseases here?
  3. Lawsuits
    Farmers Accused of Potato Price-Fixing, Depriving Americans of a Spud SurplusSatellite imagery and surveillance flyovers are allegedly involved.
  4. What’s Good Here
    Arthur Avenue’s Career Waiter“I have a woman, she won’t even come in here if I’m not here.”
  5. Twinkie Back
    Should the Newly Revived Hostess Brand Go the Way of the Cronut?“You’ve got to run and test product and train (workers) and all of that stuff.”
  6. Crime Scenes
    Man Sentenced to Three-Year Prison Stint After Refusing to Pay Restaurant BillHe forgot the “dash” part of dine and dash.
  7. Win Win
    That $600 Million Powerball Winner Maybe Bought 180 People LunchNext up: IHOP and Denny’s.
  8. Food Politics
    Maine Lawmakers Push Hard for GMO Food LabelsThe bill has bipartisan support.
  9. Oeno-file
    Former Goldman Trader Puts Up 15,000 Wines As Loan CollateralAs you might guess, there was a lot of high-end French stuff in there.
  10. Food News
    Pirate’s Booty Changes Hands for $195 MillionThe company that owns brands like Ortega and Cream of Wheat buys the incredibly delicious snack food.
  11. The Great Outdoors
    National Parks Working on Healthier, Tastier FoodAlice Waters is a fan of the move.