Jesse Curti

  1. Strong Reactions
    April Bloomfield Defends Cookbook Cover, Finds It ‘Feminine’“It’s a book about a pig not a pork chop, so if I wrote a book about a pork chop I’d probably be holding a pork chop.”
  2. Interviews
    Padma Lakshmi on the Occupational Hazards of ‘Top Chef’“I don’t know if we should put this on the Internet.”
  3. Astrology
    Todd English Is Totally a VirgoThe man needs a system.
  4. Thanksgiving
    Tom Colicchio and Olivia Munn Feel Exactly the Same, Yet Totally Different,Even from a box, it’s the best.
  5. Reflections
    Jonathan Benno Reflects on One Year of LincolnThe haute cafeteria of Lincoln Center.
  6. Whispers
    John DeLucie Describes Brett Anderson; Other Chefs More CluelessChefs prepare to turn the page.