1. Interviews
    Sasha Petraske on His Perfect New York WeekendIn an unpublished interview for New York, the late, legendary bar proprietor shared his favorite places.
  2. Interviews
    Doctor Who’s Cast Reacts to New York’s Newest DoctorGuess Who’s coming to dinner, indeed.
  3. Interviews
    Alice Waters on Giving Hugs, Kale Mania, and the Legacy of Mesclun Mix Salads“They do get hugs. I hug the farmers, and I hug the restaurateurs!”
  4. The Grub Street Diet
    Taryn Manning Loves Pizza, Does Not Dig Taxidermy“I forgot that there were animals hanging on the wall and that made me sad. I tried not to look.”
  5. Interviews
    Here Are All the New Foods Patrick Stewart’s Wife Is Getting Him to Try“He loves soup dumplings now!”
  6. The Grub Street Diet
    Actor Matt McGorry Celebrates With Bacon Burgers, Fried Oreos, and Strawberry“… and now you know my dirty secret of enjoying really fruity cocktails.”
  7. Anecdotes
    Actress Maria Bello Was the ‘Worst Waitress in the World’“I was all tough and wearing combat boots.”
  8. The Grub Street Diet
    Designer Todd Oldham Knows the Secrets to Semolina Pizza and Onion Jam“My friend Amy Sedaris came over and we started eating tomatillo sauce and Late July chips as a snack in the afternoon, and I ate so much that I just kept on going.”
  9. The Grub Street Diet
    Actor Dallas Roberts Wakes Up Early for Cronuts, Saves Room for wd~50“I decided I was going to go crazy this week.”
  10. The Grub Street Diet
    Director Paul Feig Likes His Caesar Salads Spicy“I have an issue with the giant martinis that seem to be around in bars that aren’t quite as cool as they should be.”
  11. Interviews
    Alexander Skarsgård on Cooking Beef Bourguignon and Eating Food Off theThe actor’s starring in a movie about the concept of freeganism.
  12. Interviews
    Patrick Stewart and His Fiancée on Meeting at Franny’s and Convincing Ian“There were moments where it felt like we were just on the verge of coming unhinged.”
  13. Quote of the Day
    Breaking: A Gluten-Free Celebrity Who Doesn’t Demand Special FoodEmmy Rossum is low maintenance.
  14. Interviews
    Jim Gaffigan on Delicious-Looking Celebrities and Being ‘the Opposite of a“Halle Berry looks delicious.”
  15. Interviews
    Elizabeth Olsen on Reservation Name-Dropping and Informal Restaurant Consulting“Normally I get, ‘We have a waiting list,’ and I go, ‘That’s cool!’ But maybe if I give my name, you’ll get me in.”
  16. Will Ferrell Is a Sbarro Food SnobIf he can’t get into ESPN Zone.
  17. Video Feed
    Watch a Scene of Vegan Pancakes Gone Awry From Your Sister’s Sister“I’m totally making fun of my own diet,” director Lynn Shelton tells us. “If I put my actual diet in the movie, no one would believe it.”
  18. Hola
    José Andrés Promises to Open New York Restaurant in Two YearsAnd the countdown begins.
  19. Celeb Foodies
    Guess Ed Helms’s Favorite New York PizzaIt’s random.
  20. Celeb Foodies
    Paul Dano Elaborates on His CookeryOtherwise known as, whatever Zoe makes.
  21. Fun Times
    Paula Abdul Pushes Fembody Supplements, Skirts Entire Issue of Taking FembodyAnd her thoughts on “happy pills.”
  22. Quote of the Day
    Tina Fey’s ‘Disgusting’ Writing Diet Consists of ‘OldActors eat classy; writers eat crap.
  23. Authors
    Gail Simmons Ate Hummus and Popsicles While Writing Book; Not Afraid of AliceHer book goes well with bourbon.
  24. Picky Eaters
    Fred Armisen Is Allergic to a Whole Lotta Foods“I get, like, a rash. I don’t die, but I get angry.”
  25. Homecook
    Viola Davis: Soul Food GoddessShe owns dinner and the movies.
  26. Non-Issue
    Anthony Bourdain Doesn’t Know or Care Who Ruth Bourdain Really IsKeep it a secret.