1. reopenings
    Rejoice: Montero’s Reopens Tomorrow, Complete With KaraokeThe 82-year-old nautical dive bar has never been closed for this long.
  2. growth
    The Produce of the Future Will Taste Better, Reduce Waste, and Look Very Cool“This is the natural next step — it’s the farm-to-table varsity squad.”
  3. closings
    In Loving Memory of Saltie, a Sandwich Shop That Never Got StaleLong past the point where other operators might have started phoning it in, Saltie maintained a consistent level of quality and continued to innovate.
  4. closings
    The End of the Carnegie Deli, a True New York Tourist TrapEven if most New Yorkers took the Carnegie Deli for granted, it’s hard not to feel like we’re losing something integral to the fabric of the city.