1. A Star Is Born
    Meet Dwight Henry, the Baker Who Wound Up in the Year’s Breakout IndieFrom Buttermilk Drop doughnuts to a starring role in ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild.’
  2. Coming Soon
    David Chang on Momofuku Toronto: Opening July 28, Still Needs to Finalize the“Lucky Peach will be the first floor. Daisho is the third floor. Or the whole thing is Daisho? I don’t even know. I’m not trying to throw you off. It’s constantly changing.”
  3. Sundance Dispatch
    James Murphy: Big Into Coffee, Planning His Own Espresso Line“I love that we’re here and talking about a film, but I’m like, ‘I can’t really talk about the coffee.’”
  4. Unfiltered
    The Best of the Batali ScrapsWhy he doesn’t really stop by Esca.
  5. Interviews
    Harry Potter Pushed Duff Goldman ‘to Do Better and BetterAnd he promises that his crazy-looking Hogwarts cake actually tastes good.
  6. FYI
    Did Roberta’s Inspire Baz Luhrmann to Do a Food Movie?He loves Roberta’s! He loves Brooklyn! He gets cagey when we mention a food movie!
  7. Foodievents
    What Happens When the World’s Best French Chefs Cook a Dinner Together?Joël Robuchon, Guy Savoy, Alain Ducasse, Jean-Georges Vongrichten, and François Payard joined forces to cook a super-dinner.
  8. Mario Batali
    Molto Mario: I Don’t Know What Michelin Is Looking ForBatali and Bastianich react to getting one, and only one star, from Michelin.
  9. Quote of the Day
    Bastianich Plans a Spaghetti Taco NightSoft tacos or hard?
  10. Food TV
    Emeril Lagasse Brings ‘Bam’ Back to TVThe chef’s new variety show will debut on ION TV on Sunday.
  11. Openings
    Jean-Georges Vongerichten Previews the Mark, Delays ABC Kitchen“Opening in February is kind of challenging, but I like it. I love a challenge.”
  12. Personalities
    Thomas Keller Serves BLTs Because He Loves BMWsPlus, Keller prepares for Jonathan Benno’s departure from Per Se.
  13. Quote of the Day
    Earthy Cheese, RedefinedMaggie Gyllenhaal goes shopping at Bklyn Larder.
  14. Celebrity Settings
    Natalie Portman, MeatlessThe actress lists her favorite vegetarian restaurants.
  15. Celebrity Settings
    Adrian Grenier Works at the Co-op But Doesn’t Shop There Out of NecessityHe puts sweat into the co-op even though he can afford Whole Foods. But how much sweat?
  16. Beef
    Eric Ripert Takes Roberto Cavalli to the WoodshedThe Le Bernardin chef educates the Italian designer about restaurant etiquette.
  17. Celebrity Settings
    Brooke Shields Is a Belgian-Beer SnobShe gets bars to stock Duvel for her!
  18. Burger Boom
    McDonald’s Inspires Ripert’s D.C. Burger“The way they cut the pickles, the way they cut the tomatoes, the way they slice the salad, and the size, obviously make those burgers perfect. Except the quality of meat.”
  19. Foodievents
    Marine Corps Charity Dinner Is a Hot MessHow to re-create a dinner from 1920, but without Winston Churchill.
  20. Presidential Eats
    Dan Barber Respects Holy Trinity of Bruni, Waters, and ObamaBut he has something to say about organic hot dogs and the restaurant HE would’ve taken the Obamas to.
  21. The New York Diet
    David Carr’s Epic Search for the Perfect Pork BunWhat better way to celebrate the publication of ‘The Night of the Gun’ than with a Night of the Bun?
  22. Celebrity Settings
    Akon Confesses: ‘I Drink Shirley Temples All the Time’The R&B singer and sex god believes in the power of grenadine.
  23. Top Chef
    Stefan Richter on His Memoir, His New Restaurant, and, of Course, the LadiesStefan Richter tells us why he hasn’t finished his memoir, and talks about winning over lesbians: “It’s all about being charming.”
  24. Openings
    First Look at Avenue, Soon Serving a Gourmet ‘Sex on the Beach’Noah Tepperberg tells us whether his gastrolounge will jump on the glamburger trend. Plus: Photos and the menu.
  25. Slideshow
    Mandy Moore Learns How to Cook the Spotted Pig’s GnudiWatch Mandy Moore in the kitchen with the Spotted Pig’s chefs.
  26. Food Politics
    Cooking for the Obamas“They have very sophisticated eating habits.”
  27. Nightlife
    Inside Griffin, a ‘Democratic’ ClubThe new club in the old PM space has room for almost everyone.
  28. Top Chef
    Top Chef Baldies Charm Our ‘Hot Half-Asian Chick’ Reporter atStefan says he wouldn’t move to New York for a million dollars.
  29. The New York Diet
    Ne-Yo’s Favorite New York City Restaurant: Café Metro???An internationally known singer dining with depressed office workers? Is it the make-your-own-pasta bar that does it for him?
  30. Oenofile
    Drink American at the Four SeasonsWhat the well heeled (but price-conscious) are drinking at lunch.