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    Flavor Ammo: New Ways to Use Old BayDespite people’s associations, there’s nothing inherently regional or summery about the spice mix’s makeup, which is why it’s great in just about everything.
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    Flavor Ammo: Is XO Sauce the World’s Most Baller Condiment?Spoiler alert: Yes it is.
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    Flavor Ammo: All-American Awesome SauceStep one: Make most mind-blowing barbecue sauce you’ve ever had. Step two: Slather it on everything.
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    Flavor Ammo: How to Harness the Putrid Power of Marmite and VegemiteUnless you grew up with it, you probably hate the stuff. But don’t underestimate its umami-boosting properties.
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    Flavor Ammo: How to Cook With Your VaporizerThat is to say, actually cook, in your kitchen. Your $500 Volcano is even more useful than you might think.
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    Flavor Ammo: Why Maggi Goes Great With Just About EverythingHow an international sauce of mystery conquered the world’s cuisines. (With some recipes, of course.)
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    Flavor Ammo: The Other Way to Use Angostura BittersBitters are all the rage at bars. Turns out they might be even better in the kitchen. Ian Knauer breaks it down, and offers two great recipes.
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    Flavor Ammo: The Real Reason Chefs Love Kewpie MayonnaiseEverything you ever wanted to know about Kewpie mayo. Plus: a recipe for dynamite mussels.