Ella Quittner is a journalist and screenwriter. She covers culture, food, and bizarre trends. She’s working on a book for Harper Collins about Americans who are obsessed with “the best.”

  1. trendlet
    Cocktails Are Sandwiches Now. Deal With It.One martini, hold the mayo.
  2. groceries
    How Dan Barber Helped Invent a New OnionSweet Garleek is just what it sounds like.
  3. trendlet
    When Did Cabbage Get So Sexy?Chefs are wrapping it around all sorts of wonderful things.
  4. closings
    Contra Is Set to CloseChefs Jeremiah Stone and Fabián von Hauske will shutter their tasting room next month.
  5. what to eat
    The City’s Best Sando Is BackOnly 20 are available each night, however.
  6. coming soon
    Froggy’s, the NYC Restaurant From L.A.’s Horses Team, Is Still OnThe spot is slated to take over the former Chumley’s location at 86 Bedford.
  7. closings
    I Sodi’s Last NightThe scene from its shoebox-size space before it moves to Bleecker Street.
  8. moving
    The Famously Tiny I Sodi Is Moving to Bigger DigsRita Sodi’s beloved little dining room will move — and finally get a bit bigger.
  9. openings
    Another Smith Street RevivalBrooklyn’s original restaurant row is back. Again.
  10. openings
    He Has 11 Million TikTok Followers. Now He’s Throwing Ice Cream in Noho.“If you walk in and there is ice cream flying around in the air? It automatically sends the energy level up.”
  11. report
    Demand for Sexy Cakes Is SurgingBakers say business is way, way up.
  12. reopening
    Vaccine Protestors Stormed Into DameThe citywide mandate is over, but apparently some people still aren’t happy.
  13. encounter
    Natasha Pickowicz Wants to Get Into the DanknessThe pastry chef is in no rush to return to restaurants.
  14. encounters
    Can a 12-Year-Old Convince You to Go Vegan?A delightful conversation with chef Omari McQueen.