1. The Chain Gang
    Is Chik-fil-A That Unavoidable? Really?Addressing the issue of how (or if) to eat at Chik-Fil-A, an organization that has sponsored what groups opposed to gay rights.
  2. Chowder Wars
    The People Speak, and They Want Manhattan Clam ChowderManhattan clam chowder has disappeared from Chicago menus. People are fighting mad.
  3. The Other Critics
    The Other Critics: Phil, You Go High; Kevin, Go LowThe ‘Trib’ team’s got it all covered.
  4. Closings
    This Week in ClosingsFour restos close this week…and the week’s not over yet.
  5. Felonious Fromage
    Stinky Business: Four Indicted for Selling Bad CheeseAlleged idiots “washed” and resold Salmonella-laced cheese.
  6. Ew
    Starbucks Vows No More Bugs in BevsStarbucks will no longer use cochineal extract in Frappuccinos. Are you happy now, America?
  7. Funnies
    New Yorker Addresses Restaurant Mental Health Code ViolationsRestaurant practices that push us to the brink.
  8. Spring Menus
    What to Eat on Elate’s New Spring MenuAnother reason to be glad winter is over: the spring menu at Elate in the Hotel Felix.
  9. Travels with Charlie
    On His Way Out, Charlie Trotter Is More Entertaining Than EverGood eats and big yucks at Charlie’s. Seriously!
  10. Bread Service
    Shelling Out for the Good LoafWhat’s the deal with all these places that charge you for bread?
  11. Baconfest
    And Now: A Slideshow of Baconfest FashionThe t-shirts might even be better than the food. Okay, not really, but they’re still pretty good.
  12. Other Magazines
    Alinea Who? Time Out Is On to the Next OneThere’s only one Chicago restaurant that could possibly measure as high or higher on the fabuloso-meter than Alinea.
  13. Refrigerator Art
    Cheesecake: You Can Now Turn Your Fridge Into a Giant Pin-UpRefrigerator-sized magnets transform ugly appliances into frames for, you know, art.
  14. Menu Changes
    Got a Big Jones for Springtime Chow?Big Jones upholds the traditions of the Old South with menu items that reflect springtime.
  15. Pops for Champagne
    Pops Celebrates 30th Anniversary By Looking for New HomePops for Champagne is celebrating thirty years at various locations within Chicago…and experiencing wanderlust once again.
  16. Home Chefs
    Home Cooks Seem to Get a Break… But Not ReallyA new state law should make it easier for home-based cooks to sell their wares, but it’s just complicating the issue.
  17. Foodievents
    Baconfest: Pictures from an Exhibition of ExcessGet a look at a love fest in honor of the tastiest of all gifts bestowed by the world of animals upon the world of humans.
  18. Food Safety
    Deadliest Catch: 59,000 Pounds of Tuna Recalled After Salmonella OutbreakGround tuna lends itself to salmonella poisoning.
  19. Fashion
    Tell the World You Want a SkinwichSkinwich goes from hoax to lunch to t-shirt in record time.
  20. Openings
    What to Eat at Henri, Spinning Off From the Gage Tomorrow
  21. Foodievents
    Watch and Munch at the Chicago Food Film FestivalThe first iteration of this festival pairs food-themed movies with topically appropriate snacks.
  22. Behind the Soundbite
    Behind the Soundbite: Slurping at Sun-WahKelly Cheng of Sun Wah explains why it’s cool to slurp.
  23. Openings
    What to Drink at Doré Lounge, Opening Tomorrow in River NorthEverything’s gold at this post-recession speakeasy.
  24. Booze News
    Try Fair, an Ethical, Quinoa-Based VodkaFair-trade quinoa-based vodka enters the Chicago market
  25. Behind the Soundbite
    Behind the Soundbite: Alinea’s Customer ConcernsGrant Achatz at Alinea understands how important it is to control the customer experience.
  26. The Other Critics
    Girl and the Goat: Exemplar of Chicago Contemporary Cuisine
  27. Closings
    RIP CND: The Gyros Staple Closes After 37 YearsMuch-beloved diner CND Gyros and Lounge is closing after 37 years.
  28. Mediavore
    Eggs and Pickles Recalled for Salmonella; Burglar Cooks Burger While StealingPlus: The Illinois State Fair’s buttercow cam, and Moscow puts limits on its liquor stores, in our daily roundup of food news.
  29. Fashion
    A New Way to Wear Your Love for SuperdawgFaux-vintage t-shirts honoring Manny’s, Gino’s, Michael’s, Superdawg, and Ed Debevic’s.
  30. Foodievents
    Trump Tower Hosts a Sky-High Farmers’ MarketSixteen chef Frank Brunacci brings his favorite farm vendors in on September 2.
  31. Behind the Soundbite
    Behind the Soundbite: Music at MadoRob Leavitt likes a little music in his kitchen.
  32. Foodievents
    Order an Epic Lunch with a Side of LearningEpic offers cooking demos with lunch for under $30.
  33. Beef
    Baconfest Chicago to Chicago Bacon Takedown: Welcome, Fellow TravelerIs a Brooklyn-based bacon expo stepping on Baconfest’s turf?
  34. Openings
    Pei Wei Brings its Asian Tapas to Town This MonthPan Asian small plates priced under $10
  35. Foodievents
    No Need to Kick Your Coffee Habit for LocavorismGreen City Market wants to help you get into the habit of eating local.
  36. Foodievents
    Get Schooled in Pizza and BeerIan’s and Sheffield’s pair beer and pizza in four courses.
  37. Foodievents
    Go Crazy for Fried Bologna at Taste of Melrose ParkThis tasting of home-cooked meals just might be the best food festival you attend this year.
  38. Behind the Soundbite
    Behind the Soundbite: Crunching at CarnivaleMark Mendez likes his food to make a little of the right kind of noise.
  39. Smart Shopping
    How to Handle Farmers Markets Like a ProLet Local Beet guide you to best deals for everyone at your local farmers’ market.
  40. Empire Building
    Bayless to Open Two Torterias at O’HareThey’ll feature customize-it-yourself guacamole bars and “good” margaritas.
  41. Mediavore
    Beer Might Be Bad for Women; Five Guys Rocks the Burger WarsPlus: Rachael Ray on the iPhone, and Pakistan faces food shortages, in our daily roundup of food news.
  42. Chef Shuffle
    Nella Pizzeria Napoletana Gets a New NellaAlfredo Colle, Francis Ford Coppola’s personal chef, is now running the show at Nella Pizzeria Napoletana.
  43. Booze News
    Singh Sings Praises of Local VinoAlpana Singh believes Illinois can produce good dry wines.
  44. Other Websites
    With a Big Bang, the Yum Universe Is BornA Chicago-centric website launches to help vegans eat as well as their meat-happy counterparts.
  45. Foodievents
    Gilt Bar and Goose Island Hook UpThe Gilt Bar and Goose Island beer join forces for a four-course dinner.
  46. Behind the Soundbite
    Behind the Soundbite: Moto’s MatrixA look at Moto’s ingenious, proprietary computer system, Matrix.
  47. Mediavore
    Groupon’s False Promise; Asian Carp Fails to StickPlus: Japan’s sushi chef exodus, and sugar beets get their USDA approval revoked, in our daily roundup of food news.
  48. Chef Shuffle
    Shocker: Phillip Foss Leaves LockwoodAfter three years, he’s finally free to launch food trucks - or whatever his heart desires.