Cathy Erway

  1. changes
    Food Media Must Work Harder to Fix Its Racism ProblemIt’s not enough to apologize.
  2. groceries
    A New Delivery Service Specializes in Asian Produce“I was like, ‘Oh my God, for the first time I have something people need!’”
  3. coronavirus
    What Happens When the Only Restaurants Left Are Chains?Multimillion-dollar companies can survive the shutdown — for all the wrong reasons.
  4. coronavirus
    Inside the New Efforts to Save Chinatown’s Imperiled Businesses“This is the critical moment.”
  5. coming soon
    A Chinatown Tofu Legend Will Return This SummerFong On will be a reboot of 80-year-old tofu and soy milk producer, Fong Inn Too.
  6. marketing innovations
    Ads Arrive on Restaurant Menus — and There’s No Going BackWhy chefs want you to swallow the sponsorship.
  7. environmental concerns
    The Plastic Straw–pocalypse Is Coming. What Will it Mean for Boba?With straw bans looming, bubble-tea vendors will become environmental pioneers.
  8. power dynamics
    Restaurants (Still) Have a Racism Problem, and Joe Bastianich Is ProofA short video clip reveals deep ugliness and surprising ignorance.