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    Watch the Lowlights From Last Night’s Paula Deen–Meets–Trayvon“Distasteful” is the only word that comes to mind.
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    Watch Dominique Ansel Teach Jimmy Fallon, Questlove How to Make CronutsThen they shared the batch with the audience.
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    What Happened When Stephen Colbert Met a Delicious New Pig BreedThe clip is both cute and carnivorous.
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    Watch Steve Carell Bring Letterman Double Gulp SodasIn honor of the ban on the soda ban.
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    Watch Elon Musk Recount Sending Cheese to Outer SpaceHe didn’t taste it.
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    Watch Jimmy Fallon Make His Writer Eat a Pickle for the First TimeHe gags.
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    Bruce Willis Recalls His Days As a (Flair?) BartenderShould it have been Bruce Willis in ‘Cocktail’?
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    Watch Nigella Lawson Talk About Her Former Job As a ChambermaidShe tried on everyone’s clothes.
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    Jennifer Lawrence Is a Budweiser GalThe King of Beers brings her dad to tears.
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    The Taste Premiere in 91 SecondsWe’ve summed up the two-hour premiere in a tidy minute and a half.
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    Aziz Ansari Considers the Chick-fil-A Controversy“No one would be talking about this if it was Long John Silver’s.”
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    Barack Obama Talks About His White House HomebrewIt all started with a beekeeper in the First Lady’s garden.
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    Dave Arnold Made a Bangkok Daiquiri on Jimmy FallonChilled with liquid nitrogen, of course.
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    Watch Steve Carell Profess His Love for Breakfast in Bed and Turkey BaconBut the guy isn’t a fan of lunch meats.
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    Watch Michelle Obama’s Restaurant: Impossible AppearanceIn case you weren’t sure, she’s really into the idea of healthy eating.
  16. Thin Mints
    Elizabeth Banks’s Odd Girl Scout Cookie ObsessionOr huge Nestlé deal.
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    Watch Michelle Obama Read Her Top Ten ‘Fun Facts About Gardening’The largest zucchini ever grown contained a Starbucks.
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    Michelle Obama Talks Vegetable Feasts on The Daily ShowFLOTUS is not a fan of limp broccoli.
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    Jim Gaffigan Has Lots of Thoughts on Subway“I go there, and not just because it’s fun watching a clinically depressed person throw together your sandwich.”
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    Hey, Scotland: Rashida Jones Has Had Your Haggis, and She Hates ItIt is not just like sausage, so quit pretending.
  21. NYCE
    Watch David Bouley Make Paella Primavera“Smells like spring.”
  22. NYCE
    Watch Jean-Georges Demonstrate a Chile-Asparagus SaladJ.G. knows.
  23. Chocolate Wins
    Watch Jacques Torres Teach Chocolate Lovers to Make Chocolate TrufflesMr. Chocolate has a sugar high.
  24. House Music
    Gabrielle Union’s Big Pimpin’ White House DinnerThe Obamas’ baked beans.
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    Watch the David Chang vs. Questlove Fried-Chicken Showdown on JimmyWith guest judges Tina Fey and John Slattery.
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    Maya Rudolph Recalls Her Waitressing DaysShe did some time at the Coffee Shop in Union Square.
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    Elizabeth Banks Has Good Taste in BurgersThe ‘Hunger Games’ actress loves meat, eggs, and butter.
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    Watch Alec Baldwin Discuss Diabetes and Foods Worth Dying for With DavidHe’d risk his life for butterscotch candies.
  29. Makeovers
    Williamsburg Pfizer Building to Become Massive Culinary CenterKombucha Brooklyn and Steve’s Ice Cream have already signed their leases.
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    Watch Anthony Bourdain Drink His Way Around San Francisco in 90 SecondsWatch as he passes out on a corner on Nob Hill.
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    Watch Anthony Bourdain Tell David Letterman How His New Show Differs From NoYou see, only ‘No Reservations’ is about “me me me.”
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    Watch the Best Parts of Michael Pollan’s Colbert Appearance“You’d tax soda? But that’s the milk of America.”
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    Justin Bieber and Zooey Deschanel Talk Sushi, Food TV on Late NightBeebs likes raw fish; Zooey likes ‘Top Chef.’
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    Watch Barack Obama Very Publicly Endorse Roscoe’sDon’t worry: Michelle’s cool with it.
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    Jonah Hill Totally Dissed Paula Deen on TVThe ‘Superbad’ star is not a fan of cheeseburger meatloaf.
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    Watch Contestants Avoid an Eataly Category on Jeopardy Last NightThe contestants weren’t so into it.
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    Watch Jimmy Fallon Trash-Talk Stephen Colbert’s Ben & Jerry’s FlavorBen & Jerry appear to be in Camp Jimmy.
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    Watch Eva Longoria Attempt to Explain El Bulli’s FoodWith sound effects!
  39. Pigging Out
    What You Missed at Pig Island: 80 Pigs Done Every Which Way by 20 ChefsSee our slideshow.
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    Watch Wolfgang Puck Make Naked Lady Pancakes With Craig FergusonThere’s some debate about where the boobs go.
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    Watch Amy Sedaris Teach Jimmy Fallon to Grill Hot Dogs on a RakeAmy’s advice: “You’ve gotta feel the frank.”
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    Watch The Situation Give His Take on Italian FoodDoesn’t sound like the ‘Jersey Shore’ star loved the food in Italy.
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    Aziz Ansari Talks About His Trader Joe’s Homage“Someone had a brown marker and they made it happen.”
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    Watch Anthony Bourdain Talk to Stephen Colbert About theAnd he can’t drive past an Olive Garden without seething with anger.
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    Video: What Happened to Lady Gaga’s Meat DressGaga also reveals she’s quite the cook when she’s on tour.