1. One of New York’s Most Popular Bars Is Now Open in Hong Kong — Staff IncludedEmployees Only co-founder Igor Hadzismajlovic has opened two new locations of the iconic West Village cocktail bar.
  2. John McMuffins
    John Legend Apparently Makes Fantastic Breakfast Sandwiches“Only American cheese is acceptable.”
  3. Regulars
    Stars Look Back on 30 Years of Indochine“I was so excited. And I still come. I love this place.”
  4. Musings
    So What Does David Chang Think of Tebowmania?“I can’t hate on the guy.”
  5. Openings
    Toby’s Public House in Nolita Opens TodayLotsa excitement, no alcohol.
  6. Excuses to Run Shots of Models
    The Swimsuit Model Dessert SurveyBecause, when you’re in a room, surrounded by a bunch of supermodels, why not ask them what desserts they love?
  7. Interviews
    Gail Simmons on Aggressive Shopping, Her Super Bowl Menu, and Paula Deen’s“I’d rather shop in the grocery store than in the department store. I can pick an apple like nobody’s business.”
  8. Camera-Ready
    Catching Up With Katie LeeShe’s a perky one.
  9. Characters
    Alan Cumming Is Conflicted About Thanksgiving, But Enjoys His Veggie HaggisBut how do you really feel?
  10. Downtown
    Floyd Cardoz Says Brandy Library Is an Inspiration for North End GrillThe enigmatic project will be whiskey-soaked.
  11. Good Taste
    Jerry O’Connell Loves Katz’s and Yonah Schimmel KnishesCan’t find that in Hollyweird.
  12. Genius
    A Pesto Play by Dallas RobertsLights, camera, pine nuts!
  13. Automate
    Father and Daughter Oz Ponder Dr. Oz’s ‘Joyless’ EatingOz likes to “automate” his food. Appetizing!
  14. Guts
    Sperm and Guts Recipes by Morimoto and NobuEyeballs aren’t for everyone.
  15. Quote of the Day
    Richie Rich’s Chicken, Waffle, and Glitter RecipeStick to beauty and fashion, darling.
  16. Handsomeness
    George Mendes Votes George Clooney to Replace Sam SiftonBut hiding his face would be such a shame.
  17. Business Strategies
    Michelle Trachtenberg Wants an In-N-Out in NYC, PleaseStep 1: Put it by NYU. Step 2: Make bank.
  18. Rants
    Judah Friedlander Finally Finds Decent New York Burritos, Turns His Attention toThe secret to a good burrito? Homemade beans.
  19. Baked
    The Big Lebowski Cast Talks Stoner FoodJohn Goodman is not a fan of smoking; T Bone Burnett tows the company line.
  20. Confession
    Todd English’s ConfessionA Sunday brunch party reserved for dirty, little secrets.
  21. Openings
    What to Eat at Bon Chon’s Brand-new Turtle Bay OutpostThe much-loved fried-chicken joint opens its latest location on 51st Street and Second Avenue.
  22. Funnies
    Fran Lebowitz Once Got Kicked Out of James Beard’s House“I said if I went, I’d bring a bottle of ketchup. So we did.”
  23. Funnies
    Even a Movie Premiere Won’t Keep Ryan Gosling From His Chicken GyroThe actor pops over to a halal cart, and makes Grub Street pose in a photo with him.
  24. The Great Outdoors
    The Patio at Angelo Sosa’s Social Eatz Debutz ThurzdayPlus: they’re adding sangria pitchers to the menu.
  25. Truckin’
    Lee Anne Wong Is Handing Out Free Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Right ThisWhy are you even still reading this? Go! It’s free!
  26. Celebrifoodies
    The Twilight Saga’s Kellan Lutz Heads to Brooklyn for BarbecueEmmett Cullen himself talks to us about a trip to Fette Sau.
  27. Celebrifoodies
    Christina Hendricks Knows a Thing or Two About Greek FoodWe talk gyros with the ‘Mad Men’ actress.
  28. Foiled
    Judah Friedlander Is Not a Big Fan of New York Burritos““Any $2 burrito shack in San Diego will blow away any place in New York City.”
  29. Closings
    Woody Allen on Elaine’s Closing: ‘I Was Crushed’“Despite the unrelenting bad food I went there every night for decades, and it was such a fabulous experience.”
  30. FYI
    Drew Nieporent’s Fantasy Dinner Party Involves Sean Penn and RobinThomas Keller’s would involve Daniel Boulud.
  31. Food Media
    Mario Batali Has His Doubts About All These Gwyneth Paltrow RumorsBut the chef admits that his movie-star friend has a good thing going with Goop.
  32. FYI
    Tom Colicchio Taught Kate Winslet How to Chop ChickensPlus: Are chicken-and-waffles theme nights headed to a Craft near you?
  33. R.I.P.
    Amy Sacco Likes the Idea of Graydon Carter Buying Elaine’sSacco says Elaine Kauffman was like her “fairy godmother.”
  34. Other Magazines
    Where Do the SI Swimsuit Models Go to Pig Out?The ladies tell us where you can find them stuffing their faces.
  35. Food TV
    The Fabulous Beekman Boys Taste Cheese With Marcus Samuelsson, HaveWe talk to the duo about their show’s upcoming season.
  36. Interviews
    Sofia Coppola: Burgeoning Wine Expert?“I was a little kid and stomped on some grapes, and they bottled it and called it Lafitte Sofia.”
  37. Quote of the Day
    Insert Your Own ‘Angel Hair’ Joke HereMichael White’s pasta makes Kelly Choi very happy.
  38. Interview
    Marcus Samuelsson Will Open Red Rooster ‘Soon,’ Turns DownWe chatted up the cheflebrity at last night’s UNICEF Snowflake Ball.
  39. Interviews
    Christina Hendricks Drinks Her Scotch Neat, Whips Up Goat-Cheese PizzasThe ‘Mad Men’ star tells us about her holiday cooking plans.
  40. Quote of the Day
    Mario Batali Defends Sara JenkinsHe says the Porchetta chef was misquoted.
  41. Quote of the Day
    Dear Bravo: Make Christina Hendricks’s Top Chef Dreams Come TrueChristina Hendricks wants to guest-judge on ‘Top Chef.’ Yes please?
  42. Openings
    Vapiano Hosts Red-Carpet Opening in East VillageKevin Kline, Phoebe Cates, Paul Dano, Zoe Kazan, Marian Seldes, Jonathan Ames, Tracey Ullman, and Judah Friedlander were all on hand to carbo-load on the restaurant’s first night.
  43. Cooking Class
    Jason Wu Gets a Pastry Lesson From François PayardThe fashion designer learns how to make a macaron.
  44. Celebrity Settings
    Il Buco Chandelier Saves MarriageGeoffrey Arend proposes to Christina Hendricks under the restaurant’s old lighting fixture.
  45. Celebrity Settings
    Make Hoffman’s Macaroni and CheeseHe’s got a three-cheese recipe.
  46. Mario World
    Mario Batali’s Least-Favorite Day Is May 6“My staff doesn’t show up.”
  47. Party Lines
    Emeril’s Unlikely Frozen TreatsZapp’s potato chips, of course.
  48. Party Lines
    Phil Suarez Likens Monkey Bar to King Cole BarAlso: decorating tips from Richard Meier.