Belle Cushing

  1. Ouch
    Man Accidentally Shot by Own Gun in Kentucky Restaurant BathroomWhat a gun and a toilet-paper dispenser can teach us about open carry: maybe not much.
  2. Coming Soon
    The Writing Room Will Have Better Food Than Elaine’s DidThe new owners have big plans for the old Elaine’s space, but will preserve the iconic restaurant’s legacy.
  3. Eat it Too
    Court Rules Bakeries Cannot Refuse Wedding Cakes to Same-Sex CouplesIt’s not really a free-speech issue, the judge says.
  4. Receiptgate
    New Jersey Waitress Behind Anti-Gay Tip Debacle Leaves RestaurantThat’s all, folks. (Hopefully, maybe.)
  5. Chiefs V. Redskins
    Sonic Really Sorry for ‘Poor Taste’ of Chiefs vs. Redskins SignSonic is sorry, and accepts no responsibility for the Chiefs’ victory.
  6. Rumors
    Don’t Get Too Excited About Eataly in Philly and Miami (Yet)L.A., Philly, and Boston make the short list. Let’s put D.C. in there, too.
  7. Holiday Buzz
    Bees Absolutely Love the World’s Largest Gingerbread House“All quiet on the Western fr — oh, no, what’s that noise? Ahhhhh!”
  8. Changing Hands
    Entourage Stars’ Saratoga Springs Restaurant Is for SaleAnyone want to buy a horse racing hangout for $1.8 million?
  9. Crime Scenes
    Restaurant Owner Thwarts Robbery With Sushi KnifeIt was the third time the robber had targeted the sushi restaurant.
  10. Coming Soon
    Plan for Historic Childs Restaurant in Coney Island Moves ForwardA summer concert hall and restaurant are coming to the boardwalk.
  11. Burger Joint
    Customer Hospitalized After Eating Wendy’s Burger Topped With Half-SmokedWendy’s eyes always did seem a little glazed.
  12. B12
    Cheerios Super Bowl Ad Will Likely Continue Controversial Story LineWe haven’t seen the last of that cute Cheerios family.
  13. Good Deeds
    Ohio Coffee Shop Holds Food Drive to Benefit Tip-Jar ThiefThat’s some real holiday spirit.
  14. Foodievents
    Il Buco Alimentari Honors Judy Rodgers With Zuni Café DishesThis weekend, pay tribute with Rodgers’s famed Caesar salad and roast chicken for two.
  15. Coming Soon
    Umami Restaurant Group Bringing 800 Degrees to New York NextWill New Yorkers who are serious about pizza go for this?
  16. obits
    Friends Mourn Doritos Locos ‘Creator’ With Taco BellThe man behind Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos tacos died last week from cancer.
  17. Truckin’
    Dumbo’s Food-Truck Scene Is OnlineThe live stream is useful, also strangely riveting.
  18. I Love Scotch
    Anchorman 2 Gets Its Own Ron Burgundy Scotchy ScotchIt has a nose of rich mahogany, and on the palate, bits of real panther, so you know it’s good.
  19. Unsolved Mysteries
    Barclays-Area Shake Shack Will Have Big-Deal Mystery Neighbor“Very successful Manhattan restaurateurs” stick together.
  20. The Shoeless Enchilada
    Photo of Barefoot Employee Making Food Apparently Not Good for BusinessIf the Barefoot Contessa can do it, why couldn’t she?
  21. Hot N Spicy
    Go Spice Shopping with Padma Lakshmi, Stop NYU ExpansionFor $2,500, Lakshmi will pick out your cinnamon sticks.
  22. Moon Pesto Was Faked
    NASA Will Grow Basil and Turnips on the MoonFirst comes moon pesto, then come the people.
  23. Fat Ducktales
    Heston Blumenthal Made a Nice Little Australian Café Change Its NameFrom now on, it’ll be called the Loose Goose.
  24. Tearjerker
    Mumbai Restaurant Waitstaff Attacks Customers Requesting Extra OnionsExpensive onions make people do crazy things.
  25. Receiptgate
    New Jersey Waitress Suspended Pending Investigation Into Anti-Gay ReceiptShe may have lied about cancer and the Marines, too.
  26. The Chain Gang
    Fast-Food Wage Strikes Expand to 100 Cities on Thursday100 more cities will stage protests.
  27. The Pepperoni Network
    Pizza Thief Busted After Victim Finds Him on FacebookSocial media strikes again.
  28. Receipts
    Fast-Food Customers Reportedly Respond Well to Nagging ReceiptsA study shows that people take calorie-cutting suggestions on receipts seriously.
  29. Spartacusbucks
    Watch What Happens When Spartacus Orders at StarbucksSpartacus drinks a venti skim no-whip strawberry frappuccino.
  30. Openings
    Robicellis Bring Cupcakes Back to Bay RidgeThe cupcake power couple has opened a retail store.
  31. Unbearable
    Montana Restaurant Owners Kept Secret Stash of Bear PawsThe owners of New Hunan in Helena have been banned from hunting for six years.
  32. Obits
    Chefs and Writers Remember Jean Banchet, ‘Chicago’s First CelebrityThe chef who transformed the Chicago culinary scene died Sunday from pancreatic cancer at age 72.
  33. Butterball Hard
    Butterball CEO Says It’s Not Cool to Call Chubby PeopleButterball CEO eats turkey every day.
  34. Customer Copy
    Customers Accused of Anti-Gay Receipt Commentary Say It’s a HoaxThey say they did indeed leave a tip — and 20 percent at that.
  35. Waiter Grievances
    Surprise: Restaurant Servers Find Everything You Do Very AnnoyingWaiters have pet peeves, too.
  36. Oops
    BBQ-Scented Heroin Leads Police to Restaurant Owner’s DoorAnd he would have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for that pesky slow-cooked smell.
  37. Faster Food
    Staten Island Wendy’s Locations Accept E-ZPass in Drive-through LanesPort Authority and the MTA are giving it a Frosty reception, though.
  38. Not So Fast Pilgrim
    Worst People in the World Steal Church’s Entire Thanksgiving-Day FoodThere is, however, a happy ending.
  39. Neat
    Maker’s Mark Doesn’t Know How to Make Classic Cocktails“If you shake a Manhattan, you should be macerated.”
  40. Obits
    Remembering John EgertonThe man who chronicled Southern food and culture died of a heart attack at age 78.
  41. Not Easy Being Green
    Miami Couple’s Veggie Garden Not Tacky Enough for NeighborhoodHomegrown veggies are a no-go, but the more flamingos, the better!
  42. Lick the Screen
    Scientists Create ‘Artificial Taste’ Device From What Looks LikeSmell vision surely must also be in reach, now, too.
  43. Audio Feed
    Ryan Sutton Weighs in on Balthazar’s Bathroom AttendantsThey’re on the wrong side of history, he says.
  44. Freedom Isn’t Free
    Mario Batali Fends Off Abortion-Rights Opponents on Twitter“Freedom to kill your unborn child? Good for you, you Croc-wearing lard ass.”
  45. Foodievents
    Dale Talde Bringing Roberta’s, Toro, and Others Together for TyphoonHelp out by eating out.
  46. Closings
    Mama Joy’s Has ClosedBunna Café will continue serving vegan Ethiopian food in the vacant space.
  47. Gueule De Bois
    U.K. Teen Goes Drinking in Manchester, Wakes Up in ParisGood thing he had his passport.
  48. Reopenings
    Kefi Reopening on MondayMichael Psilakis is celebrating with drinks specials and dollar oysters.
  49. Drinking On The Job
    Amsterdam Pays Street Cleaners in BeerIt’s light, so it’s basically like water anyway.
  50. Insert Coin
    Moët & Chandon Finally Introduces Champagne Vending MachineTiny bubbles on demand.
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