Alexis Swerdloff

  1. cheap eats 2016
    In Praise of the Chicken FingerA kid’s-menu-orderer’s confessional.
  2. best of new york
    The Absolute Best Gravy Italian Restaurant in New YorkWhere to find the tastiest veal Marsala, baked ziti, and chicken scarpariello.
  3. reasons to love new york
    The Nostalgic Comfort of Normcore DiningThere is something really great about going to a place that doesn’t have 857 Yelp reviews, where you can actually get in as a party of five without a reservation on a Friday night.
  4. Shortcuts
    An Ode to Trader Joe’s Frozen FoodsThe Eataly of non-cooking New Yorkers.
  5. Questionable Choices
    Phrosties: The Only Way to Get Phucked Up This Summer [Updated]If you don’t mind ordering clandestine alcoholic slushes off the internet and having them delivered by untraceable strangers, Phrosties are your drink.
  6. The Absolute Best Tex-Mex in New YorkWhere to find the fusion comfort food, known for its heavy reliance on Ro-Tel tomatoes, refried beans, and heaps of Velveeta cheese.