Alexander Basek

  1. Hard Times
    Today in Austerity Measures: Soups, Sandwiches, and Less CheeseThe ‘Times’ is focusing on simple soups and sandwiches, and McDonald’s is considering killing the $1 Double Cheeseburger.
  2. Listicles
    Déjà Vu: ‘Forbes Traveler’ Bungles Best Brunches AgainFor the second year in a row, the mag honors Norma’s and Balthazar. At least the tourists are staying nicely corralled in designated spaces?
  3. Whole Lotta Giada
    Giada De Laurentiis: ‘I’m Not Doing Porn’The celeb chef insists that she’s not using any womanly charms. Except for when she is.
  4. Sign of the Times
    Rusty Knot Trims Menu, Icon at W Goes ‘Recession-Proof’Conveniently coinciding with the current economic woes, the Rusty Knot is shifting its approach and the W is suddenly ‘recession-proof.’
  5. Truck Wars
    Trucked UpAnita Lo’s Rickshaw Dumpling truck enters the ring!
  6. Terminal Cases
    Crucial: JetBlue Terminal to Offer 400 Varieties of WineWith its October opening just around the corner, it’s time to break down the new JetBlue food court by the numbers.
  7. Head for the Hills
    Staying On-MessageOMG, it’s Whitney Port! In the West Village! At Extra Virgin, OMG.
  8. Cartography
    Food-Cart Fame Comes to Vendy NomineeNow that the Biryani cart has a nomination, can they keep up with the influx of new business?
  9. Luxury Will Never Die
    Timing Is EverythingJust in time for the financial crisis, it’s $2,000 whiskey!
  10. Momofuture
    Chang Predicts Dystopian Future Full of Pork ScrapsThe Momofuku man predicts that your juicy proteins will become increasingly rare.
  11. Beef
    Today in Burgers: Vacuousness and Wild DisagreementsWith the plummeting market comes an intensified interest in cheap comfort foods.
  12. Gentrification Station
    Butter Doorwoman Still Has a Few More Things to SayThe outspoken gatekeeper keeps on talking.
  13. Two’s a Trend
    Hotels Jump on the Mixology TrainBoth the Marriott chain and Brooklyn’s Nu Hotel have brought in cocktail gurus with cred.
  14. Foodienomics
    Pizza Prices to Rise on April 15?Governor David Paterson dug in his heels yesterday on the state’s bid to collect unreported sales tax income from cash business, pizzerias among them.
  15. Adult Education
    School’s (Passed) OutCombining at least one of our favorite things, Brasserie Cognac is rolling out four weeks of ‘Cognac School’ starting October 18.
  16. Gentrification Station
    Quality of Butter Clientele Ruined by ButterIn case you hadn’t heard, the Bowery ain’t what it used to be. Butter blames…uh…
  17. Openings
    Trader Joe’s Second Coming in Cobble HillThe New York press is going gaga for the new Trader Joe’s on Atlantic Avenue.
  18. Comida de la Calle
    Gimme Some TongueHot new street cart El Rey del Sabor is rolling out tongue tacos starting today.
  19. Sam Talbot
    Sam Talbot: Back From the Beach?Bottomless Dish reports that Sam Talbot is leaving Montauk to run his own New York kitchen.
  20. Tom Colicchio
    What’s Tom Colicchio’s Big News?Will the chef fess up about his Ko-like restaurant?
  21. Openings
    Porchetta Ready to Take Your OrderIf you haven’t eaten lunch yet, call Porchetta.
  22. Book Deals
    Publisher Orders Another Book From ‘Waiter Rant’ AuthorSteve Dublanica’s next tome is about tipping.
  23. Molto Mario
    Happy Birthday, Mario! Now Put on Some PantsRegina Schrambling has a ‘short’ temper when it comes to Mario Batali’s sartorial choices.
  24. Kids Meals
    Pretty Young ThingsSushiSamba’s kids’ meals will sate your tot’s ravenous appetite for Brazilian-Japanese fusion cuisine.
  25. Oenofile
    Get Poked on Hudson Valley Wine SiteWineries in Dutchess, Orange, and Ulster counties have banded together to create a Website about all things wine-related in the Hudson Valley.
  26. Go Fish
    My Son, the Sturgeon SurgeonIf you ask nicely, you can learn how to cut fish at Russ & Daughters.
  27. Food Journalism
    Hearst, Food Network Birth Fat MagazineDesigned around a cavalcade of Food Network stars, Hearst is hedging by including Bobby Flay, Guy Fieri, AND Paula Deen in the same publication.
  28. Food Journalism
    Sometimes the Headline Says It AllWhat do you call it when a motorcycle goes through a restaurant window?
  29. Chinese Food
    Chinese Food Priced Out of Fine DiningWithout the opportunity to charge for fetishized ingredients, it’s hard to maximize profits.
  30. David Chang
    David Chang Predicts the Future for ‘Esquire’Consider, if you will, a world where diners wait for hours to eat in the most utilitarian of spaces, reservations are a coveted commodity for the select few with speedy Internet connections, and vegetarians are persona non grata.