1. Restaurant Review
    Restaurant Review: Noreetuh and OijiFusion on First Avenue, at Noreetuh and Oiji.
  2. Restaurant Review
    Review: No Stars for Javelina and El OriginalNo stars for these Friday night blights.
  3. Tributes
    Platt Remembers Ozersky: A True Grub Street Intellectual“He was the closest thing to a real Liebling-esque figure in this increasingly gaseous world of food writing that we have.”
  4. Restaurant Review
    Restaurant Review: Platt on SantinaTwo stars for Mario Carbone and Rich Torrisi’s latest high-concept restaurant.
  5. Restaurant Review
    Restaurant Review: 3 Stars for Momofuku KoThree stars for David Chang’s rebooted tasting counter.
  6. Restaurant Review
    Restaurant Review: One Star for the Polo BarThe professionally executed, middle-of-the-road menu could be an awful lot worse.
  7. Restaurant Review
    Review: 3 Stars for Mission Chinese FoodThe chef’s real genius is for creating a grand sense of occasion, and his restaurant finally gives him the space to do just that.
  8. In Praise of the Deli
    A Trip to David’s Brisket House, the Jewish Deli That’s Run byThere’s an elaborate backstory behind every venerated deli in New York, but the story behind David’s Brisket House is more elaborate and convoluted than most.
  9. Tonics
    This Is Almost Certainly the World’s Best Bloody MaryThere’s no pepper, no garnish of lemon or celery, and — heaven forbid — no horseradish clogging things up, either.
  10. Encounter
    One Afternoon and Two Lunches With Former White House Chef Sam KassHe’s a new Brooklynite after six eventful years as, among other things, the Obamas’ gardener, craft brewer, and private chef.
  11. Travels
    My Woozy, Primal Meal at Tokyo’s Transient Culinary WonderlandNew York’s restaurant critic grabs a seat at chef René Redzepi’s breathtaking “restaurant internship.”
  12. Restaurant Review
    Restaurant Review: CosmeGood-bye, Burritoville.
  13. Restaurant Review
    Restaurant Review: At Little Park, Andrew Carmellini Cooks for HimselfAnd at Upland, Justin Smillie tries to go home again.
  14. Restaurant Review
    Restaurant Review: Shuko’s Omakase Surprises and DelightsNo expense has been spared to track down the kind of trophy items that sushi snobs covet.
  15. Restaurant Review
    Restaurant Review: Dirty French Is Uneven, But Generally PleasurableThe red-sauce enthusiasts behind Carbone and Parm go Gallic.
  16. Taste Tests
    Pumpkin Spice Latte Burgers Are Exactly As Dreadful As They Sound“It’s almost like they want you to hate it.”
  17. The Tipping Economy
    Is It Time to Topple Tipping? Adam Platt Tries (and Fails) to Go Gratuity-FreeI decided to conduct a rash experiment: I would try to dispense cash based on merit rather than out of obligation.
  18. Restaurant Review
    Restaurant Review: MartaEven if the space isn’t much to look at.
  19. Institutions
    Above the Fray: How Restaurants Become Impervious to CriticismTo be above a certain threshold is to enter a kind of realm of immortality and myth, immune to the random quibbles of everyday life.
  20. Restaurant Review
    Restaurant Review: Two New Takes on Southern-Fried ChickenAdam Platt visits Birds & Bubbles and Root & Bone.
  21. Restaurant Review
    Restaurant Review: At elan, Downtown-Dining Pioneer David Waltuck Dates HimselfShouldn’t this eagerly awaited new Flatiron venture feel slightly more contemporary?
  22. Platt Chat
    Platt Chat: How a Critic Prepares for Fall Opening Season“You have to don the old feedbag and head out into the maelstrom.”
  23. Restaurant Review
    Restaurant Review: At NoMad Bar and Bar Primi, Bar Food Gets Some SeriousTwo stars apiece for these high-decibel dining destinations.
  24. The Good Stuff
    The Oddly Herbal, Wonderfully Bitter Appeal of Black Licorice’New York’ restaurant critic on the most-maligned candy around.
  25. Restaurant Review
    Cherche Midi and Claudette Bring Savoir-Faire and Classic Cooking to TwoTwo stars apiece for these French reinventions.
  26. Restaurant Review
    Drew Nieporent’s Batard Is Already Showing Quite WellIt’s a deft remake of his seminal Montrachet and ambitious Corton.
  27. Platt Chat
    Platt Chat: A Return to Pulchritude“I’m sensing less patience these days with the high-minded theatrics for the haute-forager era …”
  28. Restaurant Review
    Soup Noodles Are the Star at Ivan Ramen, But That’s Only the Half of ItIvan Orkin and his chefs indulge in all sorts of interesting non-ramen fusion experiments.
  29. Influence
    The Chefs That Changed America: A Decade of David Chang and April BloomfieldAdam Platt on the two most important restaurants to open in the last 10 years.
  30. Platt Chat
    Platt Chat: When Does a Restaurant Truly Deserve a Zero-Star Review?When is it necessary to step back and call attention to a restaurant’s badness?
  31. Restaurant Review
    Review: Tavern on the Green’s Revival Falls FlatYou can’t eat the scenery.
  32. Taste Tests
    The Great American Sriracha Taste-OffIs Tabasco’s new sriracha possibly better than Huy Fong’s beloved variety?
  33. Restaurant Review
    Platt: Jesse Schenker’s the Gander Treads Beyond Its LimitsWhile Bar Bolonat has slightly more uplifting results.
  34. Platt Chat
    Platt Chat: Do New York’s Critics Need More Interesting Restaurants toAren’t there enough new spots in New York to keep critics busy?
  35. Beating the Crowds
    Platt: The Glorious Golden Age of LunchSome of New York’s trendiest restaurants are far more enjoyable in the middle of the day.
  36. Platt Chat
    Platt Chat: The World’s 50 Best ClubWhat happens when a restaurant goes from being the best in a city to aspiring to the title of best in the world?
  37. Restaurant Review
    Platt: A More Restrained Bobby Flay Returns With GatoAnd the crowds follow.
  38. Interviews
    Adam and Oliver Platt on Critics, Chef, and Molten Chocolate Cake“He’s like you in that way. I’m always telling my chef friends that you’re really a nice, charming fellow.”
  39. Platt Chat
    Platt Chat: The Newest Critics in New York“I think it’s a watershed moment in the development of food-writing for the web.”
  40. Cranky Critic
    Platt: Debunking the Myth of Chinatown Restaurants“The food in Manhattan’s Chinatown has never been more ordinary or predictable.”
  41. Platt Chat
    Platt Chat: Multi-Starred Restaurants and the Post-Gourmet Era of DiningHow should star designations play out when every new restaurant has two-star ambitions?
  42. Restaurant Review
    Platt: Narcissa Brings High-Low Cuisine to the East Village’s StandardOne star for the eclectic, vegetally themed menu, and another for the cooking technique.
  43. Platt Chat
    Platt Chat: Empire Building and the Necessity of Restaurant-World StarsNew York’s critic discusses Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Michael White, and the Torrisi team.
  44. Platt Chat
    Platt Chat: Ego-Driven Chefs and the Constant Search for New ExperiencesNew York’s Adam Platt and Alan Sytsma discuss the fascination with restaurants where chefs run the show, regardless of what diners might want.
  45. Restaurant Review
    Platt: Fung Tu Is an Experiment-in-ProgressPlus, Amanda Freitag breathes new life into the iconic Empire Diner space.
  46. Not So Sweet
    Platt: Why This Is the Dark Age of DessertRestaurants have swapped glamorous, crescendos of sweets in favor of cheap, ready-made options that don’t always satisfy.
  47. Restaurant Review
    Platt on Mission Cantina and ContraMission Chinese Danny Bowien tackles the taco, while young chefs Jeremiah Stone and Fabian von Hauske offer a relatively modest $55 tasting menu.
  48. Restaurant Review
    Platt: Battersby Chefs Expand Their Horizons With DoverBut we miss the focus and intimacy of the mother ship.
  49. What to Eat
    Platt: M. Wells Makes It Okay to Order Chicken at a SteakhouseOf the many roasted chickens being served around town, the bird served at the Long Island City steakhouse just might be New York’s best.
  50. Restaurant Review
    Platt: The Latest M. Wells Venture Vies to Be the City’s Next Great ChophouseIt’s a much better, more varied restaurant than most steakhouses in town.
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