1. where to eat
    8 Dining Trends We’re Tired OfTicketed restaurant reservations, absurdist cocktail names, chef-backstory narratives, and more.
  2. where to eat
    Adam Platt’s Where to Eat 2017The very latest in New York’s high-low, ever-eclectic, deliciously inventive foodscape.
  3. best of new york
    The Absolute Best Steak Tartare in New YorkRanking the city’s best raw meat.
  4. restaurant review
    Olmsted Is a Garden of Eden For Greenmarket Gourmets on a BudgetGreg Baxtrom and his partners want to bring refined, destination cooking down to a more accessible, neighborly scale.
  5. restaurant review
    Restaurant Review: Paowalla Is the Return of One of NYC’s Best Indian ChefsFloyd Cardoz’s new restaurant has something for everyone: a boisterous little bar, an elegant area in back, and café tables set up along the sidewalk.
  6. restaurant review
    Agern Serves Not-So-New Nordic Fare, But It’s a Top-notch Train-Station RefugeAt Claus Meyer’s Grand Central restaurant, the Scandi-style cooking feels slightly dated.
  7. The Future
    Platt: How Food Blogs Redefined Dining ForeverOn Grub Street’s tenth anniversary, Adam Platt says restaurants are more diverse, more democratic, and more accessible than ever before.
  8. restaurant review
    At Le Coucou, Paris’s Most Famous American Chef Cooks Classic FrenchDaniel Rose brings elevated bistro cooking and impressive technique to an ambitious New York setting.
  9. platt vs. fat
    Can a Food Critic Diet Successfully?New York’s restaurant critic Adam Platt and his diet.
  10. restaurant review
    Restaurant Review: Barano Specializes in Nouveau Red SauceAl Di Meglio’s new restaurant brings southern Italy to South Williamsburg with dry-aged meatballs and decadent clam pizzas.
  11. restaurant review
    New York Restaurant Review: Hao Noodle and Tea by Madam Zhu’s KitchenAt Beijing restaurateur Zhu Rong’s first-ever U.S. restaurant, an innovative modern Chinese menu meets impeccable, old-world technique.
  12. Restaurant Review
    Nix Pushes the Vegetable-Forward EnvelopeWhile Café Altro Paradiso plays it safe.
  13. Best of New York
    The Absolute Best Restaurant in New YorkFew things get the passions going quite like a good old fashioned best restaurant debate.
  14. Best of New York
    The Absolute Best Bar Food in New YorkFrom new-age dives to izakayas, the city is awash in great bar menus.
  15. Restaurant Review
    Mimi Is a Pint-Size Bistro With a Daring French SoulChef Liz Johnson, 25, serves up odd little wonders at Mimi, a restaurant that has been hiding in plain sight ever since it opened a few months ago.
  16. best of new york
    The Absolute Best Fried-Chicken Sandwich in New YorkThe classic comfort food is having a moment.
  17. Best of New York
    The Absolute Best Peking Duck in New YorkWhere to find the most exceptional version of this Mandarin delicacy.
  18. Restaurant Review
    Le Coq Rico Takes Its Poultry Almost Too SeriouslyAt Antoine Westermann’s civilized new Flatiron District bistro, the topic is chickens.
  19. Restaurant Review
    Pasquale Jones Brings Something Fresh to the Dining LandscapeMario Batali’s La Sirena, on the other hand, not so much.
  20. Restaurant Review
    High Street on Hudson Excels at Just About EverythingFrom breakfast sandwiches that look like they’ve been assembled by trained forager cooks to the high-minded barnyard fare on the dinner menu.
  21. Restaurant Review
    Restaurant Review: Momofuku NishiThe chef describes Nishi as a mash-up involving Asian and Italian cuisines, but some experiments make you wonder why anyone would dare tinker with these classics.
  22. Waiting
    The Ridiculous Rise of Viral Food and the Great Line Apocalypse“These days, you can’t walk five blocks in Manhattan without stumbling onto a rabble of poor deluded souls, desperate to try some new foodstuff they read about … “
  23. Restaurant Review
    Restaurant Review: La ChineChef Kong Khai Meng’s kind of elaborately sourced, “Pan Chinese” hotel cooking is a fairly recent development in the long history of Chinese cuisine
  24. Restaurant Review
    Michael White’s Vaucluse Is Just What the Upper East Side WantedWith its nostalgic menu, its posh location, and its built-in clientele, it feels like a more permanent addition to the Altamarea Group portfolio.
  25. Taste Tests
    The $100 Golden Doughnut Is a Spectacle Pastry That’s Surprisingly GoodOur restaurant critic reviews the latest internet sensation.
  26. Restaurant Review
    Restaurant Review: Sadelle’sThe feeling you get here, especially at dinnertime, is that Major Food Group is running out of good ideas.
  27. Where to Eat
    11 Dining Trends We’re Tired OfSmoke, hipster food halls, matcha powder, and more.
  28. Where to Eat
    The Best New Chefs of 2015Adam Platt on the most promising chefs of 2015, including Superiority Burger’s Brooks Headley, Mission Chinese Food’s Angela Dimayuga, and more.
  29. Where to Eat
    The Best New Restaurants of 2015Adam Platt on the most promising restaurants to open in 2015, including Santina, Untitled, Wildair, and more.
  30. where to eat
    Adam Platt’s Where to Eat 2016Your game plan for dining (and drinking) exceptionally well, starting tonight.
  31. Restaurant Review
    Restaurant Review: L’Amico and JamsLaurent Tourondel brings casual Italian cooking to the Eventi Hotel and Jonathan Waxman revives his famous ’80s-era uptown restaurant in the 1 Hotel.
  32. Restaurant Review
    At Gabriel Kreuther’s New Midtown Home, the Bar Outshines the Dining RoomThe lounge is one of the best new restaurants in the neighborhood, while the main room offers its own set of slightly more mannered pleasures.
  33. Platt Chat
    Adam Platt on Danny Meyer’s Huge Tipping Announcement“I’m on the record as being anti-tip. The whole custom is absurd, and there’s really nothing that’s voluntary about it.”
  34. Restaurant Review
    Restaurant Review: Bruno PizzaAlong with some very tasty food.
  35. Guides
    Adam Platt on the Best New Breakfasts in New York Right NowMorning meals that are as deliciously eclectic as anything you’ll find at lunch or dinner.
  36. The Next Generation
    A Kid Critic Weighs In on Teen Chef Flynn McGarryAdam Platt and his daughter visit the 16-year-old’s new Manhattan tasting room.
  37. Terroir
    The New, Scruffy Wine Bars Are Some of the Best Restaurants in New YorkAdam Platt checks out a collection of spots that are rethinking the ancient wine-bar template.
  38. Restaurant Review
    Restaurant Review: O YaSushi maestros Tim and Nancy Cushman clearly belong to the school of experimental fusion masters who dominated at the turn of the millennium.
  39. Restaurant Review
    Restaurant Review: Babu Ji and Dirt Candy“You’d better give this place three stars,” cried Mrs. Platt in between bites of tandoori-charred rainbow trout and lustrous butter chicken.
  40. Restaurant Review
    At Lupulo, the Portuguese-Inspired Cooking Is Almost Too Good for the SettingIt’s ambitious food like this that makes you wish George Mendes had decided to open a slightly less expedient casual restaurant.
  41. Cheap Eats 2015
    The Best $25-and-Under Feasts at New York’s Newest Food CourtsBudget eating at City Kitchen, Hudson Eats, Vendy Plaza, and more.
  42. Trendlet
    Adam Platt Ranks 6 of Our Favorite New Tasting MenusOver the last several months, newly refurbished tasting ateliers, discreet dining bars, and elaborately conceived chef’s menus have been popping up with such frequency that it’s hard to keep track of them all.
  43. Restaurant Review
    With Untitled, Danny Meyer Brings Simple Seasonal Cooking to the New WhitneyThe new restaurant will do fine, with an abbreviated menu that packs a considerable punch.
  44. Travel
    Platt: How Paris Became the Perfect Antidote to New York Bloat‘New York’ Magazine’s restaurant critic on why both cities’ strengths and weaknesses dovetail, these days, in a complementary way.
  45. Burgers
    Platt: Can Anyone Make a Decent Veggie Burger?Our critic samples the simulacra.
  46. Restaurant Review
    Restaurant Review: Noreetuh and OijiFusion on First Avenue, at Noreetuh and Oiji.
  47. Restaurant Review
    Review: No Stars for Javelina and El OriginalNo stars for these Friday night blights.
  48. Tributes
    Platt Remembers Ozersky: A True Grub Street Intellectual“He was the closest thing to a real Liebling-esque figure in this increasingly gaseous world of food writing that we have.”
  49. Restaurant Review
    Restaurant Review: Platt on SantinaTwo stars for Mario Carbone and Rich Torrisi’s latest high-concept restaurant.
  50. Restaurant Review
    Restaurant Review: 3 Stars for Momofuku KoThree stars for David Chang’s rebooted tasting counter.
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