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Double Right Chevrons

How Butter Became the Main Character

It’s always been the best part of dinner. Now it’s the star.
  1. openings
    Mama’s Too Will Expand Downtown Next WeekThe UWS favorite will have more space, more sandwiches, and more slices.
  2. the grub street diet
    Khruangbin’s Laura Lee Pays Attention to Restaurant Soundtracks“Why can’t you listen to OutKast and eat caviar?”
  3. guides
    Where to Eat in MarchThe best restaurants for right now.
  4. sipping season
    The Best Broth Comes From a Butcher ShopZero frills, all flavor.
  5. streeteries
    This Is What Streeteries Are Going to Look LikeNew York City’s transportation agency has revealed four designs for four curb scenarios.
  6. best in class
    13 of the Very Best Air FryersIn a market where there’s more chaff than wheat, we asked a panel of experts for the models they use and love.
  7. first taste
    Frenchette Bakery Is the Right Kind of Museum CaféFrench pastries meet American art at the Whitney.
  8. coming soon
    Bar Contra Will Be a New Destination for Modernist DrinksDave Arnold, Fabían von Hauske, and Jeremiah Stone are joining forces on the Lower East Side.
  9. trendlet
    The Timeless Egg Dish Taking Over New York MenusOeufs mayo are a dead-simple bistro staple. Chefs can’t resist them.
  10. the approval matrix
    The Approval Matrix: Stop RecyclingOur guide to what’s highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant, and despicable.
  11. the grub street diet
    Laura Kim Is Running on Sugar and Jamón“I love the Spanish ham — the leg — they have on display. The guy carving it is really handsome.”
  12. restaurant review
    Alma Negra Is a Perfect Neighborhood RestaurantLittle buzz, no influencers, and excellent tamales in Gowanus.
  13. chef shuffles
    Ignacio Mattos Is Leaving Corner Bar and Swan RoomThe downtown chef is checking out of Nine Orchard.
  14. the underground gourmet
    Who Makes the Best Flour Tortillas in New York?Taking stock of the (many) new competitors around town.
  15. lawsuits
    Did Wegmans Rip Off a Japanese Chef’s Idea?After partnership discussions broke down, Yuji Haraguchi claims the grocery chain opened a copycat business anyway.
  16. the grub street diet
    Moshe Kasher Has No Time for Flimsy Burritos“When they remove the tortilla it is soft, pliant, and oozing with melt.”
  17. the underground gourmet
    There’s a New Egg-Salad Sandwich in Town — the Bread Is the StarAt Postcard, the gluten-free milk bread took more than six months of trials to get right.
  18. best in class
    18 of the Very Best Water BottlesAlways be hydrating.
  19. eating new york
    Where to Find Real Carnitas in New YorkCrunchy, crispy, tender, long-simmered carnitas are to the Chipotle stuff as wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas are to Domino’s.
  20. openings
    Horses Chef Liz Johnson’s New York Return Is HereThe Frog Club has moved into the old Chumley’s space.
  21. the screen
    On Film, the Romance of French Cooking Is ForeverTwo new movies bask in the fantasy of beautiful food and the labor required to make it.
  22. bars
    The Best Alt-inis in New York, RankedThey’re called martinis, but each of these drinks is something else entirely.
  23. the approval matrix
    The Approval Matrix: Fast Cars and Dork GogglesOur guide to what’s highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant, and despicable.
  24. the grub street diet
    Mean Girls’ Avantika Will Defend Her Dining Hall’s French Toast“I just sort of floated on my burrito all night.”
  25. restaurant review
    Will Four Twenty Five Kill the Grill?Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s newest restaurant takes aim at midtown’s most famous dining room.
  26. trends
    Caviar Used to Be Special. Now It’s Just Another Upsell.Would you like ossetra or sevruga with that nugget?
  27. coming soon
    Apollo Bagels Will Open in the East Village This MonthThe pop-up known for its crispy, fluffy bagels is going brick-and-mortar.
  28. outdoor dining
    City Finally Unveils Official Plans for Permanent Outdoor DiningThe rules will go into effect March 3.
  29. the grub street diet
    Chef Charlie Mitchell Eats a Tasting Menu Every Day“We have 45 minutes to fix any and every issue that we can.”
  30. guides
    Where to Eat in FebruaryVegetarian hot pot, saucy tortas, a new tasting menu worth the price, and more.
  31. brick & mortar
    The Lidls Are ComingSoon there will be almost a dozen locations of the discount European grocery chain in New York City.
  32. checking in
    La Grenouille Isn’t Finished YetThe French stalwart known for its sole, soufflés, and behind-the-scenes drama is open again on East 52nd St.
  33. what to eat
    Brooklyn’s Best Italian Sub Is Both Lunch and a Tribute“I want Kevin’s legacy to live on, even though he’s not here.”
  34. coming soon
    Don Angie’s Follow-up Is Part Amalfi Coast, Part Jersey ShoreSan Sabino is the next-door sibling to TikTok’s favorite red-sauce joint.
  35. the approval matrix
    The Approval Matrix: Do You Know Where Your Children Are?Our guide to what’s highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant, and despicable.
  36. the grub street diet
    Delaney Rowe Is Eating Like a Gym Bro“Men will eat anything if you add ‘protein’ to the name.”
  37. restaurant review
    Turnip Cakes Meet Tater Tots at Figure EightA West Village restaurant makes the compelling culinary connection between China and the American South.
  38. awards
    Here Are the Semifinalists for the 2024 James Beard Foundation AwardsNew York is represented by restaurants including Superiority Burger, Zaab Zaab, and Foxface.
  39. the underground gourmet
    In NYC’s Sea of ‘Coastal Italian,’ Kanyakumari Specializes in Coastal IndianThe new restaurant debuts just off Union Square this week.
  40. chomp chomp
    Introducing Eating New York, a Food NewsletterWeekly news and commentary, straight from our critics’ mouths
  41. openings
    A Doughnut Shop That Doubles As a Bar — FinallyDromedary Doughnuts is part bakery, part speakeasy.
  42. closings
    No More Pork StoresWhen Ridgewood loses Morscher’s next month, yet another neighborhood staple will be gone for good.
  43. the grub street diet
    Fishwife’s Caroline Goldfarb Is Doing Two Soups in One Day“Strega Nona core is very much my vibe for 2024.”
  44. first taste
    Two New Shops Offer Different Spins on Pizza NostalgiaNot-so-plain slices at L’Industrie and Bar Birba.
  45. the underground gourmet
    Two New Takes on Classic Chinese TakeoutFer and Noodle Lane deliver on the dream of perfect wontons and sesame noodles at home.
  46. who’s selling
    La Grenouille’s Building Is Up for SaleThe ultratraditional French restaurant has been at the center of a decadelong feud between the two Masson brothers.
  47. gifts they might actually want
    The Best Gifts for Beer Lovers, According to Brewers and Beer LoversBecause you can do better than a novelty beer helmet.
  48. interviews
    Who Is Helping to Feed the City’s Migrants?With tens of thousands of people in need, restaurant owners like Beatrice Ajaero are stepping up.
  49. the approval matrix
    Drama in Salt Lake and Under Eastern ParkwayOur guide to what’s highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant, and despicable.
  50. the grub street diet
    Melissa Ben-Ishay Makes Bok Choy Toast for ‘Content Day’I never thought would be possible to write a book about salad … because I bake cupcakes for a living.”
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There’s a New Egg-Salad Sandwich in Town — the Bread Is the Star
There’s a New Egg-Salad Sandwich in Town — the Bread Is the Star


Where to Eat in March
Where to Eat in March