Remember When Grocery Shopping Was Fun?

Outside Trader Joe’s. Photo: Scott Heins/Getty Images

Remember when getting dressed to go grocery shopping didn’t feel like suiting up for battle?

Remember when you could go shopping without wondering whether you’d get sick or whether you’d inadvertently make the store’s employees sick?

Remember how it felt to stroll through aisles without worrying if every single package was somehow infected?

Remember standing in the store with no thought besides Do I want pork or chicken tonight?

Remember when it was basically fine if another shopper accidentally bumped into you?

Remember when you could go grocery shopping without thinking about death?

Remember when you could go to Whole Foods without thinking about its heat map of employees’ potential unionization efforts?

Remember popping out to grab one or two things?

Remember when you didn’t feel pangs of guilt at your sheer luck? At understanding that it was a luxury that you could even still go grocery shopping? That you still had the money to afford the food? That you were still well enough to go outside in the first place?

Remember when it was no big deal to buy toilet paper?

Remember when it never even occurred to you that, yes, of course grocery-store workers absolutely deserve hazard pay?

Remember when you could order groceries for delivery without having to plan two weeks in advance?

Remember picking up melons to see which one felt ripest?

Remember grocery shopping without lines of masked people stretching down the block?

Remember how it felt to get home and put groceries into the refrigerator without wanting to disinfect them first?

Remember hoping you’d bought enough food for your friends who were coming over for dinner?

Remember forgetting something at the store and just running back out to grab it?

Remember how easy it all was? Remember not worrying about whether it would ever be like that again?

Remember When Grocery Shopping Was Fun?