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As Always, Ina Garten’s Got the Right Idea

As our own Adam Platt wrote this week, the Waspy tradition of the cocktail hour has become a source of comfort for many of us under quarantine. And apparently, Ina Garten wholeheartedly agrees.

Today — at 9 a.m. ET — the cookbook author and Food Network star shared a helpful and slightly unhinged video on how to make Cosmopolitans in a pitcher. It’s easy! All you need is an entire bottle of Grey Goose, half a bottle of Cointreau or triple sec, a cup of cranberry-juice cocktail, and lime juice — freshly squeezed, of course!

Then it’s into an ice-filled shaker for 30 seconds, but as Garten points out, “You’ve got lots of time, so it’s not a problem.” Plus, “during a crisis, cocktail hour can be almost any hour.” Preach, Ina.

Finally, grab a martini glass. But do make sure that it’s as big as your head. Anything smaller just wouldn’t be right in these trying times. Or drink it straight out of the pitcher! Either way, you’ll freak out the internet:

As Always, Ina Garten’s Got the Right Idea