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Mayor Pete Compels Americans to Go Ahead and Mix Ranch With Salsa

Pondering ranch possibilities. Photo: Alice Keeney/Bloomberg via Getty Images

As everyone knows, a key part of any major political campaign is to bait the public with weird taste in food or, even better, mildly unconventional but strongly asserted opinions about food. Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg, a proud son of the Midwest who likes to say things like “the shape of our democracy is the issue that affects every other issue,” knows this. He’s delivered a powerful moment in American politics today, letting citizens of the country know that they should feel totally fine with mixing ranch and salsa together:

Along with a vague appeal to his roots — “where I come from, we’re not purists about these things” — Buttigieg delivers his most powerful words yet: “Enjoy the mix of flavors.” Yes, why don’t you?

Mayor Pete Advocates Mixing Ranch With Salsa