Ken Friedman Will Pay $240,000 to Settle Sexual-Harassment Suit

Ken Friedman will pay his victims out of his own pocket. Photo: JP Yim/Getty Images

Two years after the New York Times first reported multiple sexual-harassment allegations against him, Spotted Pig owner Ken Friedman has agreed to pay $240,000 to 11 accusers, as well as a share of his profits from the restaurant.

The Times reports that the deal was coordinated by the New York attorney general’s office. Under the agreement, the $240,000 will be paid out over two years and, through 2030, Friedman will pay 20 percent of profits from the Spotted Pig to his victims. Should he sell the restaurant or his ownership stake — Friedman owns nearly 80 percent of the business — the victims will receive 20 percent of the earnings. Additionally, Friedman “will step down as an operator of the Spotted Pig and will no longer have any role in its operations or management.”

In a statement to the newspaper, Attorney General Letitia James said, “No matter how high-profile the establishment, or how seemingly powerful the owners, today’s settlement reiterates the fact that we will not tolerate sexual harassment of any form in the workplace.” She also thanked the women who came forward for “their bravery, their voices, and their unwavering commitment to ensuring a safe, harassment-free workplace.”

Through a publicist, Friedman told the Times, “While I am aware that nothing will completely repair the damage I’ve caused, and although I disagree with several of the allegations, I hope this agreement will bring some comfort to those former employees impacted by my behavior,” adding that he will “spend the rest of my life regretting my actions.”

Ken Friedman to Pay $240,000 in Sexual-Harassment Suit