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Entire Internet Horrified by Alcoholic Tide Pods

The whiskey comes in a sustainable seaweed-based capsule. Photo: The Glenlivet Whisky/YouTube

If you need further proof that we are, indeed, living through end times, one of the world’s most celebrated and beloved Scotch whiskey brands has decided to put its liquor into capsules that look like Tide Pods.

For those who’ve repressed the memory, 2018 began with an epidemic of people ingesting the detergent product because it looked tasty, even if it was filled with literal poison. Now, you can enjoy all the pleasure of a capsule dissolving in your mouth without needing to get your stomach pumped! For a limited time only, Scotland’s 195-year-old Glenlivet distillery is selling three whiskeys — zesty citrus, spice, and wood — packaged in biodegradable capsules as part of an event in London. All imbibers have to do is pop the capsule in their mouths and wait for a rush of whiskey as it dissolves.

Unsurprisingly, the internet saw this and lost its damn mind over what it’s calling “adult Tide Pods.” Check out some of the more entertaining responses below.

Entire Internet Horrified by Alcoholic Tide Pods