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McDonald’s Is Finally Getting Into the Plant-Based Burger Game

McDonald’s new P.L.T., or “Plant, Lettuce, Tomato.” Photo: McDonald’s

In the great veggie burger wars of 2019, McDonald’s has undoubtedly been the most notable holdout. Burger King, of course, is happily married to the Impossible Burger. Dunkin’ just started selling plant-based breakfast sandwiches in July. And White Castle was one of the first chains to board this particular bandwagon. (Arby’s, our most nihilist fast-food chain, has opted for meat-based carrots in protest.)

But this week, according to Business Insider, McDonald’s finally gave into the pressure and has begun testing Beyond Meat burgers — in Canada. Why they chose Canada over the U.S. is unclear, but the new burger has been dubbed the P.L.T., or “Plant, Lettuce, Tomato.” Clever.

For 12 weeks starting September 30, residents of Southern Ontario (that includes Toronto) will be able to give the P.L.T. a spin. We humbly request that our neighbors to the north send dispatches about this new menu item at their earliest convenience.

McDonald’s Is Testing a Plant-Based Burger — in Canada